Detailing a Fiberglassed ODST helm

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Sigma LS

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As far as I've seen, nobody has fiberglassed an H2 Pepa ODST yet so I though I'd give you guys a look at what I've been working on here.
I've fiberglassed it but have only just started smoothing it. After I finish smoothing and install the visor, I'm going to detail the exterior with bondo.
Doom's pics are gonna come in real handy. :mrgreen: Tell me what you think. Any ideas for a material to work as the neck liner?

Pics are before and after fiberglassing and a little extra external resin on some problem areas before any sanding.





I've also had a couple of people asking me about the helm file. So I've rehosted it;8138337;;/

All credit for the pepa file goes to Doom and Fraz. You guys are awesome.
Thanks guys. I'd still like some suggestions on the soft neck part. I was thinking maybe cutting up some sort of flat piece of rubber like the bottom seal on a storm door.

UnDedSnipr- I use Pepa to get the basic proportions then use a molded sctratchbuild style to detail and complete the piece, making my final product a sort of hybrid of the two. But the methods I'm looking at here are all molded forum stuff.
Cool, I think me and you are going for the same thing. I myself am trying to convert my H2 pep helm to a H3 helm, using a bondo/dremel/cardstock technique. I can't wait to see what you do with your helm. Nice work.
looks good maybe you should have them add the pep. file to the pepakura forum. so we have 2 helmets to choose from. ;-)
First I'm going to sand it so smooth that it won't look like it's pepakura anymore, then I'll use a dremel and some bondo to fill in the details to make this look as close to the in game helm as I possibly can.
Disregard my previous statement.

I was using the viewer instead of the developer. D'oh.

Been playing around with the Pepakura file..... How large is it supposed to be in game, 'cause it's only showing up as like 7-9 cm.
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