Different Ways to Make Armor - Super Newb Guide

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There is vacuumforming the armor.

This is making your armor shape out of clay, or wood, and melting a sheet of thin plastic over the top of it (and sucking it down with a vacuum)

When it cools, the sheet of plastic you melted, will take the shape of the mold you used.

mold pieces made of wood. And covered with primer spray paint. (that's why they are gray)

melted plastic, sucked onto the wooden molds.

Cut off the extra plastic, and you get your pieces. The pieces you see on ebay, briars armor, and deadguy, (i see your pic on ebay)are all made this way. It's very light, but less durable.




This is how deadguy's armor was made, and it's how stormtrooper armor is made. It's easy to make many copies quickly. Check out this page for more info:


The other way requires you to use chemicals, and smells even more than melting plastic with vacuumforming.

Liquid plastic molding! I'll get into that in a bit
Heh.. for the record, that's not my armor.. I work with the guy who does them (on other projects) and I helped make the molds, but that's all his stuff.

He's Rob Westerfield.. his site (that I made) is in my signature.
Heh heh.. it's all good, this was "our" project back in the day.. I just ran out of extra time to spend at the shop, so it's his now. I made some of the original molds, did some of the first pulls, etc.

It's still a learning process.. we're working on Halo 3 armor now.. using what we learned on the Halo 2 suit, and the other suits we do.

As far as getting him on here.. he's not real "computer friendly", nor "spell check friendly". If you've seen some of his auctions, you know what I mean. He's a great guy, but on here, he'd come across as being mean as hell.
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