Digg Knows we're addicted to halo


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**Well it started a few years ago... when i first bought my xbox, and shortly after, halo... thats when it ended... my life**


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lol! i just got addicted in 4th grade ._. ...well sorta. my friend told me about masterchief. i thought he ment an indian! until i saw the game. bad...ass. :D
and the green armored guy, who is he on th forums?


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I became addicted the day it came out. Me and my bro stood in line to get it the day of release, and it was amazing even though it wasnt as popular. But the funny thing was, the day the original xbox came out, the local radio station (107.5 The River) held a contest and was giving away an xbox in front of the local K-Mart. I went first thing that morning and I was the first to get that xbox! Woo, I was so happy and there was a crowd once everyone realized what was going on and I even got a spot of airtime on the radiostation. It was the best! Yeah when Halo was released my life changed and now here I am along with us followers, gaming to this day. In coming years, we will still (most likely) have/play Halo when everyone else looks in disgust as they play on their virtual-reality consoles. Pfft, what losers they'll be!