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Dishonored corvo's mask unfolded!! free

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by rundown, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. rundown


    Attached Files:

  2. Admiral Tiberius

    Admiral Tiberius Jr Member

    Wow... Looks like a sweet mask but Im pretty sure this build would be easier going the non pep route. Looks super complex
  3. Draakjuh

    Draakjuh Jr Member

    that bottom cloth is pretty useless but i love you for doing this, i was itching to make the mask xD

    edit: Where's the jaw?
  4. rundown


    Shoot! Forgot to export that. I reuploaded the file.

    Well the mask without the internal mechanisms could be a base. That the part of what the mask makes it look like what it looks like.
    And is not that high poly. You should see it in pepakura. The picture I showed looks more intimidating then it really is
  5. rundown


    Today I finished unfolding the file for A4. I'll probably have the letter done by tomorrow!
    Download in first post.
    It's a clean unfold of a mere 12 pages.
  6. wizardofcoz

    wizardofcoz New Member

    man you deserve a medal!
  7. rundown


    Unfolded it for letter today. Now everyone can have a go at it!
    Happy crafting!
  8. Joshua Morrison

    Joshua Morrison Jr Member

    Hey rundown could you post the file with the mask not exploded. I would like to build a highpoly off of it and would like to be as close as possible to the in game model.
  9. SodaPop

    SodaPop New Member

    tempted to use this as the skull for my promethean knight helmet

    just for that hinging jaw
  10. vuquynhan

    vuquynhan New Member

    why i can't download the file???
  11. PaiganBoi


    Welcome to the 405th.
    Please be aware that this thread is 5 yrs old... its quite dead.
    This causes more active threads to be pushed down and not be seen.
    If you have a question try sending a DM to the thread creator.

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