DIY (Poseable) Mannequin


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Hello there!
I recently finished my ODST and i would love to be able to put it on a mannequin so i can display it. I don't won't to put it away in a box somewhere. So i was wondering if any of you guys and gals have made a mannequin before? Are there any good tutorials out there for them? Any feedback is really appreciated!
DIY mannequins are limitless on how you build them. It's all about how you want to approach it. Most people will recommend some sort of PVC skeleton. The best way I have seen that achieves the shape of your body is to duct tape yourself, cut yourself out, ductape over the cut so you now have a loose floppy ductape mannequin, build a loose frame out of PVC to act as a support and integrity, place the skeleton in the ductape and fill the tape with expanding foam. It should shape into the figure that resembles you and is a good fit for your body. This may not be poseable, but it's cheaper... There is also a method of ceram wrap and I think resin paired with joints but I forget the source. Anyone know what I'm talking about that can link it?

Edit: here it is! Bless you Sean! Do-It-Yourself Packing Tape Body Molds and Casts
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I like the duct tape method, but I’m going to fill mine with crumpled up newspaper. Then spray it with some Super 77 tack on some fiberglass then bono the hell out of it. Some of y’all know my love of fiberglass and resin by now.

I need to make two and was going to make a thread. Outlining two slightly different processes for it. But that will be after I finish my build.


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Came across that one from I Like to Make Stuff awhile ago and have been meaning to do something similar. I don't have the tools or skills to use steel for the stand, but there are other options out there. Just add armor stand to the ever growing list of projects.