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Do you guys want halo 5 to fully come to pc?

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by StayFrosty, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. StayFrosty


    Title says it all. Personally I really want halo 5 to come over as a full game to pc, although I know it's unlikely. I've been really getting into pc gaming these days, and I wish 343 would let us play halo 5 with playlists on pc (I mean seriously, they already have all the maps, forge capabilities, and playlists) Either way, halo 6 will be released on PC, so that'll be fun, but I really would like to play some halo on pc until that day comes. Before anyone comments, yes I do know about halo online, but I like classic halo matchmaking.
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  2. mblackwell1002


    I like classic matchmaking, too; but with super twitchy reflexes with a mouse would eliminate all the strategy in H5.
    Halo 5 is complete with the slow movement, because it allows you to take some time to turn, and more likely to get outsmarted.

    I see why you want it, but it would compromise the game.

    H6, however...:D
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  3. StayFrosty


    I actually thought the same thing before I gave the game a try, and it really does feel like halo 5. Of course, this could have to do with the fact that I'm a low sensitivity player, but the only difference I saw was that the game is way smoother. I don't think that the pacing is screwed up at all on pc, I mean take games like Counter Strike for example (honestly not a fan, but it's a good example) in CS there isn't any sprint or ads, and if it weren't for the offensively low TTK, the pacing would actually feel quite a bit like halo 2 or 3.
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  4. mblackwell1002


    makes sense. High-sensitivity players would screw the game up. I suppose if they made a sensitivity limit, it would be fine.
  5. StayFrosty


    Honestly, I don't think that high sensitivity really effects the game much on console or pc. I'm a high onyx ffa player (or normally am, I haven't played for like a month) and I play on a 3 sensitivity. People playing on a 10 sensitivity with full acceleration can move their weapons way faster than me, but they really don't have an advantage over me, because I'm always predicting movements and aiming at head-level in likely areas that enemies will be. The thing that I really think is the issue on pc is the sniper rifle/beam rifle. On console, it's really hard to hit 1 hit kill snapshots consistently, but on pc, it isn't much harder than aiming a dmr, which makes it (in my opinion) wayyyyy unbalanced. It isn't that much of an issue in high level play (diamond 4-5+) since even on console people can hit those shots consistently, but I feel like once you get below that rank, the sniper rifle becomes pretty much free kills, which is NOT the way it is supposed to behave. I don't know how 343 could fix this though, because making it function like a sniper rifle in other games would absolutely ruin it, and not having it on maps would suck. Maybe it would work fine since lower-level players on pc can't aim as well, and all higher-level players can, but I'll probably just have to wait until halo 6 to see I that's the case. (Here's to hoping that the classic weapon design comes back in halo 6)
  6. mblackwell1002


    My point exactly.

    If someone has a super high sensitivity with crazy acceleration on PC, they can snipe you before you can even think. you don't have a chance.
    it's all a matter of weapon balance, and 343's decision is sound in my opinion.

    say, if 343 were to make the SR aim slow, the person with the SR would be free kills, and no one would try to get it.

    if everyone's sensitivity were to be super slow, it would be virtually the same as xbox. not perfect, and everyone would be super accurate, but it would be similar.

    I guess accuracy is the main problem. If everyone is super accurate, it would be more about twitchy accuracy than strategy and outsmarting an opponent.

    If you were sneaking behind someone, and they notice you on their radar, they would whip around in the blink of an eye and shoot you brains. whereas, on console, if you sneak up on somebody, they can turn around, but not fast enough to gain an advantage that fast.
  7. StayFrosty


    True, however, I don't feel like halo would take off on pc if there was a sensitivity limit (personally I wouldn't mind) In my opinion, if halo takes off on pc, it really could be a life-saver for the franchise. I know, and I'm sure you do too, that halo just isn't what it used to be in terms of sales. Pc gamers have wanted to play halo for years, and if 343 really nails it's PC debut, it could entirely re-vitalize the series. Hell, look at Overwatch or Battlefield 1; if halo 6 gains 3/4 as much traction as either of those games, it would have double the amount of sales as halo 5. I really think that halo on PC could save the franchise rather than tank it if done correctly. I really do wish I could figure out a hypothetical balance for the sniper rifle though :mad:
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  8. mblackwell1002


    Makes enough sense. the problem with H5 was the Campaign, though. if people were reading good reviews about Halo 5's campaign rather than bad ones, they'd be more inclined to buy. I do agree, though. Halo on PC couldn't hurt.
  9. CommanderPalmer


    No. I like exclusives. Consoles should have exclusives.
    And no, I'm not telling it because I own Xbox.
    I want to play multiple PS games, but I still didn't buy PS4 and I still think they should keep their games as exclusives. I will most likely eventually buy the console.

    - Palmer
  10. StayFrosty


    See, I highly disagree with that idea. Exclusives hurt gaming. By forcing people to buy a system they don't want to play games, you will most likely turn them away from that game, sure, I'm going to keep buying Xboxes to play Halo, but if your average guy who owns a PlayStation or even a PC wants to play Halo, they'll check if it's available, see that it isn't, and never think about it again. That was a potential customer that was just lost! Like I said, I'm always going to play Halo, but as someone who really loves/loved Uncharted, I can't justify buying a PS4 when I already own an Xbox and a gaming PC just to play one game. Having exclusives hurts the developers, but puts more money in Sony/Microsoft's pockets. Do you think 343 gets part of the revenue anytime someone buys an Xbox? No! But Microsoft does. Wouldn't you prefer it if 343 had more money because of selling Halo on multiple platforms? Sure, the initial cost to push the game out to those platforms would be higher, but I think we both know that there a tons of people who want to play Halo. Now, I doubt Microsoft would ever let 343 publish Halo for PlayStation, and I suppose that's okay, just because PlayStation and Xbox are "enemies" but let me leave you with this. Bungie never intended for Halo to be an Xbox exclusive. Halo 1 Custom Edition had more features than Halo 1 on the Xbox. Just keep that in mind.
  11. CommanderPalmer


    Well, I know too many people with PCs and multiple consoles, Xboxes, PSs, Wiis and even the retros. I see many gamers with multiple platforms playing many games on each.
    Sure, it gets more money to those corporations, but it also keeps the consoles alive. AND competition is good, it pushes them to try new and better things.
    Of course I know it's not 343i who gets money but Microsoft. BUT, if something happens with Halo it's 343i who gets all the blame for Microsoft's decisions. OR Brian Reed for the Halo 5's campaign - campaign which has a complicated history with crapton of rewrites, that's clear. But it's Microsoft who ultimately makes decisions and gives orders... and gets the money.
  12. kaween


    Yes i would love to see it happen, No it don't think it will happen.
    So be it, no H5 for me. Or H6. Or whatever.

    As much as I like Halo, I'm not going to buy a console to play just one franchise/title.
    Very few other console games interest me. My kids are 100% PC gamers, both of them.

    I was very tempted last summer to pull the trigger and get a Xbone but it's simply bad math if you're predominantly a PC gamer like me, and have kids who've no interest in consoles what so ever. The only game my daughter sometimes still fires up on the PS3 is Journey. My son can't be bothered with consoles since ....Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare on Xbox360 I think.

    So as sad as it may be, H4 looks like it's the end of the line for me in terms of Halo-gaming.
  13. StayFrosty


    It creates competition, yes, but it is artificial competition, based on locking players out of certain games because of the console they prefer. I'm all for competition, but real competition based on game's merits, not the companies controlling who can play.
  14. StayFrosty


    Actually, Halo 6 has been pretty much confirmed through the Xbox play anywhere thing. Now, I don't think that it's above Microsoft to decide to cancel that, but it's actually a very high chance that Halo 6 will be coming to PC. Couple that with the fact that Halo 1-3 have been added to the steam database (not on there obviously, but like 90% of games added to that end up being available to play) I think its fairly safe to say that we will see Halo on PC within the next year or two in one form or another, and as someone who has started playing exclusively on my PC lately, I'm really happy about that.
  15. kaween


    Exaclty. "Pretty much confirmed".
    You do realise what that means coming from Microsoft do you ?

    Unless a title is openly confirmed by MS to be happening, clearly and without any doubt and specifically named for release within a set timeframe, it _didn't happen_.

    A few days after Phil Spencer splashed that "Oh H6 is coming to Win10" back in the summer of 2016, there was already doubt as MS changed the "all games will be on Xbox Anywhere" to ".... the games on E3 will get Play Anywhere" just days after Spencers' initial statement, and later MS blogs carefully excelled at _not_ mentioning H6 for PC release.

    I fully expect them to scratch a number of "strategic Xbox-sales titles" form the "Anywhere" program.

    In fact, it's _bound_ to happen for numberous reasons as they need to have that "golden exclusive list" for Xbox sales, and in that light there's no doubt Halo would be the number one title to get axed when it comes to Anywhere platform.

    Also, and let us be honest about this, for the neutral gamer out there and certainly for the PC gamers out there, Halo as a franchise isn't something they're waiting on anymore. That ship has sailed .... like nearly 10 years ago.

    CE was groundbreaking, but it was that _manly on consoles_, not so much on PC's. OF course. It came out in 2001 on Xbox. On PC, it came out in 2003. In 2003, high end PC's were seeing launches like Vice City, Warcraft, KOTR and just a couple of months later things like HL2, Doom3, UT, Far Cry ... which made CE look and feel like a fun, but undeniably technically totally dated and limited game.

    Microsoft tried to push H2 as a Vista-exclusive-seller (didn't work very well for them). Pretty sure MS has decided the best use for the Halo franchise is pick their battle ground carefully and stick to sure-winner territories.

    PC's are not one of those.

    As such, Halo 6 -as PC game- is slowly shifting to Half Life 3 territory for me and I'm dead serious when saying the chances of seeing _HL3 next year are bigger than seeing H6 on PC_ in my opinion.

    I'll be over the moon if it would happen and I'd be proved to be wrong, but I'm realistic enough to see MS may very well decide not to return Halo to the pc platform as from their point of view, they'd have a lot to loose and very little to gain by such a move.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
  16. foxleader


    just going to say this if its anything like mass effect 4 aka 1.5 then no because I've played it and the ending made me rage quit and now its just sitting on the self, I mean halo wars had a better story line and halo wars 2 had some kind of story but the plot holes got to me hard. so if they release a DLC like they did for mass effect 3 where the ending was well better then what it was, which one last balls to the walls fight throwing every thing cutter had at the brute or the other way around.
  17. agentflorida


    I would like Halo 5 on PC but Halo 5 being on PS4 or any PS is never going to happen for years to even decades.
  18. agentflorida


    It would make it easier for sniping.
  19. Dracosfire83


    I wish all the halo games where on PC mostly because the controls are better and the improvement of the overall game performance. It also helps that I swore a blood oath that I would never own another XBox console after all the trouble I had with the 360 and have never played any Halo game that was not on PC. Another bonus would be it would make the game asset extraction so much easier.
  20. StayFrosty


    Yeah. As I've read more and more about this topic, it seems like Halo 6 was meant to come to PC but MS realized that they want to keep Halo an Xbox exclusive title and decided to shoot that down. I'm sort of torn now, because even though I own an Xbox One, it gets absolutely no use outside of Halo, and I'm starting to really dislike using a controller. I was really excited when it was rumored that Halo 6 would be on PC, but now I'm a little disappointed because I don't know if I can even get excited about it if it isn't going to be on PC.
    As a side note, do you have any good suggestions for games on PC? I'm mainly looking for fps games, but any suggestions would be nice.
  21. mblackwell1002


    Well, just replay TF2. fun as heck! Or the Half-Life series! I could play HL2 and the episodes for days!

    Thom A293 told me that Star Citizen is pretty amazing, I checked it out, and it looks spectacular. it's a First Person Shooter with Dogfights, ground combat, a crazy big galaxy...etc. If you're thinking about no man's sky, don't. it's very different. Just watch the videos.
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  22. kaween


    Star Citizen works horrible on _all_ my machines. No idea why, but the optimalisation is non-existant. If I look how well Elite Dangerous runs compared to Star Citizen, they still have a lot of work to do (although I will be the first to admit the games aren't really comparable as it's mainly a Dogfighter/economics type of game without ground combat). But I totally prefer the flight/combat model of Elite compared to Star Citizen.

    Heh. Doom. Or WOOD, depending on box orientation. :D Graphically nice, and crushing demon skulls in "glory kill" never stopped being satisfying. Also, I liked the overall feeling of fairness in that game, even on the high difficulty levels. Last game I clocked on PC. But I'm predestined to like Doom games. It's my curse. :) It was my first FPS game on PC's which I played on a 386sx cpu machine running at 16Mhz. :D

    Elite is even worse when I think of it : I played that first on a Commodore 64 where a fully 7-galaxies big universe with a couple of thousand planets all with their own ecoomical and political system was crammed into 38K or ram and a 6510 cpu running at 1Mhz, made possible due to the wonders of procedural programming, inclusive 3D wireframe graphics, dynamic economics systems, special missions and no patches/bugfixes or whatever after launch. And before I forget it : inclusive Tribbles. :D

    I totally agree with Trevor when it comes to HL2.
    If you've never played HL2 (you don't really need HL1 to enjoy HL2 imho, though the game is certainly story-driven the new gamer is guided into the game world very fast) it's pretty impressive a 13 year old game still is so playable these days, and some levels are still nifty to see and play (..Ravenwood. :D) and going 1:1 against a Strider still looks awesome.
  23. mblackwell1002


    Ravenwood! the level we all love! the Half life series is full of puzzles, epic explosions, 3-headed space worms, double barrel shotguns, SMGs with grenade launchers...when does it end?
    It's possibly one of the best shooters in history. just play it, for the first time or the third.
  24. StayFrosty


    Been meaning to play the half life series for a while now, I'll probably buy them when I have some extra cash to spare. I've figured that the new DOOM would be my best bet for a "main" PC game since I don't like full on tactical realistic shooters or full on arena shooters, which is probably why I like halo so much, since it's sort of a middle ground. I've found that I don't enjoy many PC fps very much, CS is too dull for my liking, TF2 is class based, and I don't like that very much, and battlefield is too big for me. Never realized just how much more I like Halo than any other fps games until I couldn't play it (well I guess I can, but I don't really wan to play on xbox anymore) honestly, I don't think that I'd have ever gotten into fps games if it weren't for Halo.
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  25. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    I suppose if they made a sensitivity limit, it would be fine.

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