Does anyone else find ODSTs cute for some reason?

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Idk how to explain it exactly...
But whenever I play a halo game as a spartan and see an odst show up in the campaign I cant help but think something like "I'll protect u with my life" and I always get really sad when they die

Here's the thing...
I dont get as sad when marines die
Like I still get sad but not as much

I associate the halo helmet shapes with human faces (idk if that's something a lot of people do, or maybe I'm just not neurotypical idk) but let me give a few examples

Masterchiefs helmet looks stern and stoic to me while the EOD helmet looks angry... and the EVA helmet looks wise and proud...

To mee, the ODST helmet gives off puppy dog eye vibes... I have no idea why but...

It makes me find them adorable

I'm pretty sure I'm just weird but I'm curious to know if anyone else does this
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