Does halo 2 look like this to anyone else?

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...where everything is 1080i and running at 60fps with cinematic shading.

I've heard that the cinematic engine is the same as the game engine, just with better shadows and bumpmaps.

I wish it looked that good all the time.
the citematic in the game is not is the same its just the camera is zoomed in so the detail is better, like if u zoom iin, in a game the quality get better for some reason i dont get it :(
I was just going by this:

=p, There is No cinematic MC model. There is special ingame lighting for cinematics but the models are the same and are not actually high resoultion or high poly.

The cinematics use the exact same shaders as normal playing models. The special lighting just for cinematics really brings everything out a little bit more to make it look cleaner and more realistic in a way.

There is no special MC model in Halo 1 or 2. There is only one, no High Poly or Low Poly.

Sorry for the letdown =p.

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ive always wanted to watch the cinimatics in HD. my GF's parents just bought a HDTV i think 1080p tho im not really sure. but i watched the preview that was on MNF. i was crying(not really) it was so amazing.
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