Doesn't it make you mad?

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How people criticize the Halo series and yet have never played it? I mean this:

About a few minutes ago I got PMed on XFire. Its from a guy who said "ZOMG YOU NOOB YOU GOT HALO?" and I reply with "yes I did" Well, after that he replied with "why the f*** would you waste your money on a game that has the same graphics engine as the first and second and has no dynamic shadowing and has no storyline at all?" That is when I get FURIOUSE, so I reply: "Have you even played the game yet?" And had enough guts to say "Nope and never will either" and I said "How could you tell all this?" and he sends me this link about a guy who has NEVER EVEN PLAYED HALO 1 AND HALO 2 SO HE READS ONLINE HOW IT GOES (what a noob) then he says he played Halo 3 and absolutely hates it, and gives reasons supporting it. Well after I block the guy for spamming me with the "n" word, so then I change my status to PEOPLE: GIVE HALO 3 A CHANCE AND PLAY IT BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE IT" and I get messaged saying "" Then he logs off (probably blocking me).

It just makes me mad how people who never even played the game become so "anal" about people playing/liking halo 3!

Im just trying to get this message out: GIVE HALO 3 A CHANCE AND PLAY IT BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE IT


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well said. its just retarded to hear that stuff. i mean im ok with my friends saying they dont like it. but going off about the graphics!? c'man its just a game l:-l [even if its a badass FPS :cautious:] EVEN IF THE GRAPHICS WER BAD I'D STILL PLAY IT :)


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Im sorry to say, but I agree on like 1 thing they said in the video. About the zombies in halo 3 are just like Half life 2 zombies with very little differences. Ill give you examples. the little flood guys in halo 3 jump on people and take them over and they turn into a zombie. halflife 2 headhumpers jump on people and take them over and they turn into zombies. in halo 3 when the flood come out of meteors from the sky, that is very very similar to when headhumers come out of there big canister things from the sky.

As you can see, the zzombies in Halo 3 are very similar to zombies in Half life 2


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actuly they do differently. the half-life ones jump on them on their heads and infect them. the halo flood fuse into them.
but good point on the meteor...wait. thats the covenant elite that come from the pods XD unless you're talking about that flagship infected by the flood.


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You know if you don't take his ranting to heart, he's actually is quite funny. I guess I'll have to play BioShock before I rip on his review though.


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What does this have to doo with graphics, if your a true gamer you know that graphics DON'T matter, its all in the story, or design of the game. Take Mario for example, yes it's graphics suck but look at the replayablitly and how fun is it speaking of mario im playing it right now =p.

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Flood in Halo3 are like Headcrabs in Halflife 2. - response= So, Halo CE and Halflife both had the same critters and I don't hear anybody whining about them.

Having alien stuff take over peoples dead bodies is a very old game ploy. It's like saying ZOMG your movie has Vampires in it! You ripped off John Carpenter! Nevermind the old myths and the book Dracula, you ripped off JOHN CARPENTER!

I never played Halo but I know it's stupid- response= When I first played Halo at a demo station when the Xbox first came out I thought. "I don't know what this is but it looks really cool."

Truthfully though I think there are quite a few people that don't deal with people on the internet like regular people. I have one friend who is really nice in real life but picks pointless fights on the internet and says nasty stuff just to rile people up because he thinks it's funny. I tell him it's not cool but he keeps doing it anyway. :rolleyes


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idk about you, but do you really give a **** 1, and 2, i was dieing of laghter durring that movie.


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Haha, I thought the film was hilarious! He does bring up some good points, however...

Most people seem to avoid or forget to bring up that this game is entertaining - Why else do people buy the two spawned sequels from the original game?

Halo 3 is by no means groundbreaking, but it's fun as hell to play which I personally find to be the most important thing about a game. I keep finding myself going back to play old NES games? Why...? The graphics are poo, it's 8-bit! But oh wait... it's FUN! F.U.N.

But what do I know? I suppose that all those 20 millions copies that has been sold were bought by retarded numbnucks who decided to support Microsoft... what other reason could it be?

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Yeah, Yhatzee is a charismatic bastard. I love his reviews, even the one of Halo 3. People are entitled to their own opinions, especially game reviews. I personally commend him for being honest in his opinion of Halo 3, though he even said that he never played the first two. He might have liked it better if he hadn't jumped in at the tail end, but whatever. It was funny. It is annoying though when people completely bash the game without playing it.


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It's just people being jealous... err.. at least thats how I take it when I hear it from game developers... other then that its either fanboyism towards something competing like a ps3, or it's just them conforming to this anti-conformist thing people like to do.
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