doing a pepakura AR

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okay when i did a pep AR (halo 1 btw) the issue i had was the it became hard to finish it because its a one piece thing and i plan on fiberglassing the inside but thats the problem so should i..

1. set up the printout to be made in two pieces

2. when done fiberglass each side

3. figure out a way to put the two pieces together

4. screw them together

5. put bondo on the crease

6. sand

7. paint

is that a good idea?
nice idea ill probably do that to to the ar im working on. but u should also make a template so u know what it looks like in full scale... if u wont make a template. thats fine with me... :p
The AR is not going to be treated as roughly as your armor so it probably doesn't need fiberglass. I would resin the outside and then pour plenty of resin on the inside and slosh it around to coat everything.

That's what I did with the pepakura MA5C and it worked really well.
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