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First off, There really really really needs to be a gallery or picture section on the forums here. *hint hint*

Well I figured it was about time I put up a small gallery of some of my stuff that I have made, and update it as I go along. Sometimes I go for a long time without a update so don't bump this topic in hope of updates, I update when I can :p.

Onto the good stuff.

Doom's Model Thread

Welcome to my Model thread! All Content is created by me and only me unless otherwise stated.

Stuff to be started...

H3 Land Mine
H3 Sheild Drainer

Stuff that are Wip atm...

Spike/Nail Grenade
Spartan Laser
Fusion Core H3 Style

Stuff Finnished...

Brute Spiker v2 (from scratch) 06/21/07


My Second Spiker, I made this close to 2-3 months ago. Finally got the skin and was able to call it Finished.

Skin made by my Friend from CMT, Dano

Spiker v1

My First Spiker, it was modeled off the Swedish Magazine Scans released in early November.

Skin made by my Friend from CMT, Conscars


Halo 3 Fusion Core 06/25/07


Ignore the single yellow light, I plan to edit the model too so that the lights actually extrude out.

Skin made by my Friend from CMT, Dano

MA5C 06/21/07




Its almost done, Ignore the flashlight

Brute Spiker v2 (from scratch) 04/13/07


Its in its final stages...

Halo 3 Fusion Core 04/11/07


These cores were done fairly fast by me and I know they are a bit innacurate and need some smoothing, Bite me >.> .

Brute Spiker v2 (from scratch) 04/11/07



Brute Spiker v2 (from scratch) 03/27/07


Spartan Laser Current Stage as of 03/27/07


Spartan Laser's Current Stage as of 01/2/07

Due to computer breakdown I lost the most updated part of my spartan laser so there may be diffrences of things that weer in the last update and not in this one.

Spike Grenade Current Stage as of 11/23/06

Spiker's Current Stage as of 11/21/06


(chief not included) lol

Spartan Laser's Current Stage as of 11/23/06

Spartan Laser's Current Stage as of 11/21/06

This thread will be updated according to progress of the models.


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Great work Doom!

I second the notion for a reference gallery here. *hint, hint*

I also wanted to say that the Spartan Laser you made is especially amazing. I'd love to see more pics of this. Are you ever going to Pepakura it?

I'll probably end up making my own, carved from foam, but your model is very very impressive!
Redsleighdown said:

lol, nice red.

Great work Doom, Now all ya gatta do is delete all these post so it can be just a reference thread ;-)
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falcon NL said:
The look super! :mrgreen:

What 3D program do you use? Maya ? Blender ? 3D max?

I use 3ds Max for all of my work. 3ds Max 8 to be specific.

Also, Tehronin, Being Part of CMT, Some of my models are in CE. Check for more info.

Thanks for all the comments, and I rather have this a commentary thread for me to show my models to others rather then simply a reference thread, I can make on of those another time.

I have a more updated Fusion core I need to post also, except its all skinned.


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Wonderful! If you supplied these models, i could make some printouts on the 3D printer at Odis College! That would sweet!

Very well done man, supreme job!
ooooo, you took jean's chief texture. I'm telling him, you stealer. No, but really, these are beautiful. (can I try to texture the assault rifle please?) lol

........................I mean it. can I? Please?
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