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Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Cedva Ko, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    OK. I need the attached file altered. Colony/Region needs to become State/Country, System needs to become Zip and Halseys signature needs to be removed on the front. All oni stuff should be removed from the entire thing and replaced with "Northwestern Michigan Null Squad". On the back I need the bar code removed, the numbers on the back removed and the following done:
    replace each of the tests with
    Pistol Qualification
    Defense Pistol Qualification
    Tactical Rifle Qualification
    4 Position Rifle Qualification
    GCB Qualification
    CQB Qualification
    Marksman Qualification
    Sharpshooter Qualification

    Remove vaccines replace with medical allergies
    Sulfa drugs
    and a few 'other' lines

    All text needs to be as close as possible to the original text and color.

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  2. Just a question, what is this for, seems interesting, also why do you want the barcode removed? It might be sort of cool to replace it with a custom one.
    Unfortunately I can't help you, but best of luck!
  3. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    i formed a paintball team and want to have records in case of hospital visits due to injury while playing. And yes i want to do a custom barcode for each player.
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  4. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Here's Side A for you - I didn't have time to put in all the info you required. Sorry!

  5. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    That's a little too blank though it looks like you made it from scratch. its nice. its a great start
  6. Cedva Ko its a relatively simple fix if you have a program like Photoshop you can get a picture of parchment or the texture you find fits best then put it on top and use luminosity. I don't know what it is in other programs but I'm sure it's similar
  7. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    dont have such a program but i might be able to do it as a pdf. i do want the body pic though
  8. Windows and mac osx should both come with a basic image editing software, not as fancy as Photoshop but it should still be possible to do it
  9. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    i always mess it up. i seem to have an artistic mind and can see what i want but i always seem to mess it up. except maps. i do great maps.
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  10. Ok so MSpaint may not actually be able to do it, but I have another program so I will try to do it in that
  11. Here, hope this is good enough
    Edit: I don't think it's blue enough, but I can fix it in a few hours when I have a computer with me again.
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  12. Cedva Ko

    Cedva Ko

    its actually nice. looks worn
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  13. Thanks, happy to help

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