"Download Halo 3 Beta" still greyed out!!

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It's not really viral marketing, it's just... Marketing. A way to sell more copies of Crackdown.

That's like saying:
"Who would win, Shaquil O'neal or Tom Brady?"

but still...
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :christa:
We've waited 2 1/2 years.... whats another day matter?

Theres nothing to do but sit and wait, like loyal subjects until they work out their problem.

Anyone notice that the totl number of Beta players is going up by about 500 per hour??

Like a slow release... or maybe thats just the rule of 3 people logging in with their codes?
problem is we were hosting a giant Halo 3 Beta Release party today- it's not so fun to have 9 xb360 on 9 42in lcds and play nothing but crackdown
only had 3 copies and everyone wants to start dl beta without missing it, on the brighter side it does look kool in here
so the only way for me to play halo 3 beta is if i sit im my gf's room and check every hour to see if i can dl but since its been this long already i doubt i will have it today.
So it's 4:30, just 4 more hours and ill have been waitng for 12hrs with not even a slight word from Bungie.

Rock on guys(Bungie) :rock:
its not bungie's fault tho. and frankie posted something on bungie.net at like 5:15 this morning about the delay of the beta for crackdown owners.
5am, well its aobut to be 5pm, no updates in 12hrs? plus his post says we jsut have word some crackdown people are having trouble but when i read the bungie forum its every crackdown user and still no update.

I just want a small update at least. :please:
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