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I have 4 months to do this so I better start now. (Warning photo heavy thread)

I plan on doing a rather basic rakshasa build using aguilarworkshop files for the armor and galactic armory files for my CQB helmet
I'll be making a vacuum forming chamber soon (next month) and then shipping off the visor to Branfuhr studios for hydrochroming

I should be able to start printing within the next week (hopefully)
My plans are
Helmet/Buck first and start sanding and priming with my chest and arm pieces are printing
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Since I'll be on summer break I'll be able to sand like 4 parts a day, my only issue will be money for paint and filament
Actually now that I'm looking through colors I can't decide
so if any person who views this would like to help please do

Which one looks the best?
(There used to be photos here but I decided to remove them since I changed the theme of my build)
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There's are all great choices! I'm pretty partial to Cobalt Adjacent, Violet Violence and Pattern Shift. Sounds like we're both trying to beat the clock on our suits
Ok then I may do violet violence with something like Montana Blue Note and Sweat Dreams
Since its really 2 main colors it shouldnt be that much work, and these cans cover really well for 400ml

$75 Files xD
But Geez these things are detailed and well designed
also slight change of plans, I'll be making the aguilar workshop cqb helmet instead of the galactic armory helmet, nothing against them but I've realized Aguilars are just better
I actually used a scrap piece of rakshasa armor that failed to test the hydrodipping process and it works!
(Not the actual colors I'm using, just what I had at the moment)


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