DragonCon 2014: "Craft Your Fandom - Halo Armor" Panel

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Thanks, Cadet!

So, the quick version:

Where: Grand Salon D at the Hilton
When: Sunday, August 31st from 7pm to 9:30pm
What: "All Things Halo - The Interactive Halo Experience" (7pm - 8pm) and "Craft Your Fandom - Halo Armor" (8pm - 9:30pm)
Who: Steve Downes (Chief), Tim Dadabo (Spark) and Courtenay Taylor (Serina) will be there.

"All Things Halo" is a ringer-style, multi-media trivia game covering all aspects of the Halo universe, including books, commercials, videos, comic books and, of course, the games. Up to 3 people can play, in a rotating-seat-style game system (get a question wrong and the "batting box" gets to take your place). Players receive UNSC tickets for correct answers and count up their total at the end of the game. The winner receives a FREE pre-order for the Master Chief Collection, courtesy of Digital Veda Games, while second and third will win other cool items (T-shirts, Pops, etc.).

"Craft Your Fandom - Halo Armor" is an opportunity for the 405th to show its stuff. Everywhere I go, I get asked how it was made, how much time it took, what was involved, etc. I'm just a rookie in the building community, despite having cosplayed for four years as The Chief. I wore the Rubies armor and was awed every time I ran into builders like Stony Props and Wreck'd Studios. After a few conversations about what was involved, I finally undertook to build my own armor, starting with Noble 6. I'd LOVE to have YOU GUYS show up in armor and talk about what is involved, what materials you use, how you use it, and whatever else you are willing to share. Whether it's Pepakura, fiberglass, Worbla, vacuum-formed or just sewn together uniform work, people always want to know how you do what you do. Bring examples if you can find space of work mid-progress. Bring your WIP pics. Bring some foam. Hell, bring some tools so people get an idea as to what is going on.

As a side benefit, our guests will be sticking around for the "Craft Your Fandom" experience, so I'm sure they will have some questions and, if we run out of things to talk about, we can always ask THEM questions!

It is not a requirement that you RSVP for the event. If you can make it, come in your armor if you aren't sick of being in it by that time of the day. The more Spartans we can have lining the walls of the room, the more impressive it will be for those who come in.

I hope to see you all there!


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I will be there, suited up, and can offer any help for the panel that you need.

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Thank you to all of you guys. The more, the merrier. Since I'm planning a photoshoot prior to the event, I will probably be in my Rubies suit, so will bring my Noble 6 armor to show a newbie's foam build. It's not that impressive, but at least anyone trying it for the first time won't feel like they are alone in that...

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So, life has conspired to kick me in the teeth and I won't be making it to DragonCon.

At this point, in order to maintain the consistency (and interest) of DragonCon in the Halo panel for NEXT year (when I will figure out a way to make it come hell or high water), I need someone who is willing to run it. I have folks who will be arriving with the PowerPoint. The individual who runs it just has to:

1 - Get the players. Up to three can play. I usually make the insane amount of volunteers to play Rock-Paper-Scissors until there are only three left.
2 - Put the ringers on the table in front of two of the players (the other is the "Odd Man Out"). Put the third nearby.
3 - Start asking the questions - just follow the PowerPoint - the first has the question, the second has the answer, followed by the next question, and so on.
4 - Whoever rings their bell first gets to answer the question first. If they are right, move to the answer slide and give them a ticket. I will provide UNSC logo tickets to the folks bringing the PowerPoint.
- If they are WRONG, they switch seats with the Odd Man Out. the other player gets a chance to answer the question. If they are wrong, no big deal - no one gets a ticket. Show the answer and move on.
5 - Count up the tickets when the game is over.

First place will be receiving a FREE pre-order for The Master Chief Collection from Digital Veda Games (the folks who will be bringing goodie bags to give away and the pre-order).
Second and third place will be receiving consolation prizes courtesy of DVG.

Since Steve, Tim and Courtenay will be there, you can always ask Steve to read the questions in his best Chief voice and have Spark and Serina bicker about the answer once it has been answered (that was my plan, at least). Since you guys are better builders than I am (by FAR), you can then run the Craft Your Fandom panel immediately following the game. If you run out of things to talk about, you can always turn it into a question-and-answer session with the guests.

I will miss you guys. This year.

NEXT YEAR, I will be there. With bells and whistles, damnit.

Oh, and a side note - whoever does this, I will be advising the Director of Video Games that you are to have my access to the VIP Suite for the weekend. PM me if you are interested.

And thanks.

I will make sure that DVG does something to recognize the volunteer taking this on (I'm their Marketing Director, so can do that).


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I can help out if necessary. I would rather not run it though. I will probably be more useful with the building segment. lol

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Thank you, Cadet! I will PM you for more info. ^_^

You and Justinian can run the crafting panel. The whole thing will be video'd by the guys from Digital Veda, so I will be there in spirit and will get to watch it later on!
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