DreamHack Dallas June 2nd - 4th


405th Regiment Officer
Hey Everyone,
HCS (Halo Championship Series) will be at DreamHack in dallas. I plan on attending in a new suit Im working on. Heres the details.

Where: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
When: June 2nd - 4th

Hope to see some of Y'all there!
My current work schedule has me working Saturdays. New shifts are coming out very soon. If I am lucky I will have Saturdays off and will be able to attend this, if not I have already planned to be at HCS Arlington at the end of June. We shall see
Hmm I might try to see if I can go. I've never been to an esports competition before and really want to see HCS. I'll see if I can go though it's not a guarantee!

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