Drying Time????

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ive been searching the stickies for about a half hour now and can still not find anything about the resins drying time (although im sure its out there somewhere). i just finished resining the out side of my helm.

So could anyone help me out here please?

Um where its drying it is about 50 degrees F with low humidity just in case those are any factors in drying time.

Ral Partha

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With the right amount of hardener, two hours. It should be hard enough to handle after two hours, although it might still have a bit tackiness and smell. I usually give my resin/fiberglass coats at least 4 hours with lots of air circulation to be really dry.


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i didnt have to much to cover on my marine helmet so i put a few extra drops of hardner, im doing a few peices at a time and it starts to become hard within 20 minutes

but to completely harden, yeah probally 2 hours, but id wait a day ( if its good outside ) before i bring it inside
dang 8 hrs - a week that sux. i just checked it and its still a lil wet.
should i bring it inside or something its about 70 degrees F in here?


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If you have a respirator for everyone in the house, then bring it inside, if you love your family, leave it outside.
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