Duct Tape and Cardboard Body Armor

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I started a little project over spring break when me and my friend were talking about how funny it would be to have one of us in full body armor covered in aluminum foil, and the other in duct tape and duel in the mall. So I thought this would be a good learning experience, and I've gotten a bit done for the amount of free time I have.

Now by the title you might think it's some cardboard pieces thrown together with some duct tape, but I'm a perfectionist. The outer parts of the armor are going to have Duct Tape strips on them to give them sort of a 'Dark Knight' look. I'll try to get pics up ASAP, but any suggestions on what to do/modify will be helpful, seeing after this I am starting on my MC helmet.

Here's what I have done so far:
• Shield
• R & L Bicep Pieces
• Sword

In Progress:
• Upper Body
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Alright guys, I got the pictures uploaded to my computer, but then I realized I couldn't actually post them on this website, so I'm now trying to get them hosted at imageshack. Stay with me, 'cause they look pretty cool.
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