Duke's Custom Reach Suit Pep +photos!! *WIP

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  1. mblackwell1002


    Dude, if I showed you how much Bondo I use, you would laugh. None. I use tiny blobs of spot putty in tiny amounts at a time to get rid of 3D print lines and seams. It takes sooooo looong to wipe those seams from existence. I'm going for the "cast-worthy" approach, so i'm trying to get it as close to perfect as possible, which results in a lot of sanding on something so tiny. Lots of intricate sanding.
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  2. electricknite


    Is bondo required at all? like its only for finishing right? the build should be strong enough after fiberglass.

    mblackwell1002 im doing a 3d printed magnum too, I know how you feel... :confused:
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  3. Dirtdives


    Maybe you need to work on your upper body.....? giphy (26).gif
  4. TurboCharizard


    Life as a propmaker is hard.

  5. PerniciousDuke


    Hahaha, nice one TurboCharizard

    Dirtdives , blackwell is sanding plastic... it is harder than sanding bondo. Bondo is meant to be sanded. Plastic just melts. It is pretty miserable.

    But, if I were to give advice mblackwell1002 it's using the right tools that matter. I have a sanding block, works a lot better than just paper by itself, a lot faster. But, it doesn't do curves very well. I also have power sanders which can sand through things it shouldn't pretty quick. So you just have to know when to use the right ones for the right jobs.


    For this weekend I didn't really do a lot of sanding. I spent 16 hours just applying bondo. There were some spots where the paper got warped or whatever and that took a lot of layers to get it back to a good base level. Apart from that just taking my time making sure I wasn't applying too much bondo and losing details.

    All of my pieces now have one full coat of bondo!

    The second coat will go a lot quicker, but there will be a lot of sanding to do now. My goal is bondo 100% done by the end of december. Then I'll start painting.
  6. Schankerz


    AHHHHHH YES, PAINTIIIING!! I'm sooooo excited to see this suit painted, I absolutly love the way the helmet looks so I can't wait to see the rest of it done as well!

    Apologies if you mentioned this recently and I didn't see it but I wanted to ask whats been going on with the Brute shot? I remember last seeing it when you showed it too me in a video chat a while ago, where the end blade had bent slightly I think? Cursed memory ain't as young as it used to be :lol:.
  7. PerniciousDuke


    Good question. Yes, a lot of the lack of progress has been due to the discouragement of the bruteshot warping. Also... Not game accurate as I'm making a halo reach suit and that game doesn't have that gun, not sure if the gun existed that early. I wonder if the Brute shot was in halo wars??

    I'm leaning towards finishing the reach shotgun 3d printed as my companion. What are your guy's thoughts?
  8. Dirtdives


    The shotgun!!!!! Nothing like a shotgun for those close encounters..........But then again....all I remember in the games was getting knifed in the back by PerniciousDuke......repeatedly.......
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  9. Schankerz


    Yeeessssss, definitely shotgun, loooove that Reach shotgun and I think it'll go well with the armour set.
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  10. PerniciousDuke


    Thanks for the feedback!

    Another weekend push begins now.
    Wish me luck.
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  11. mblackwell1002


    Dude, good idea with the pre-plated bondo cups. I'll bet that makes for some consistent batches and easy mixing. I'm a wee bit more scatterbrained than you, lol.
  12. PerniciousDuke


    Ha, yeah mblackwell1002, I just thought of this yesterday. Saves me time between Bondo layers. Really sped things up. The one ounce cups have always been great though.

    What do you all think? In the picture above with the commando shoulder... I really don't want to Bondo inside the long recesses at the top. What if I cut them out instead and made them recessed light panels (like I'll be doing in the thighs.)
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  13. mblackwell1002


    I would should smooth the recesses. It'll take a lot of work, but it will be more accurate. That's totally up to you, though.
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  14. PerniciousDuke



    Another successful weekend away. Put 15 hours in. That doesn't include set up or clean up.. That's 15 hours with either a putty knife in my hand or a sander.

    Here's my Bondo station. Got to use my parent's propane patio heater.

    And here was my sanding station so cold. I don't think it was much warmer than 40 F. Times like this that really makes me question why I am doing this. :p
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  15. Dirtdives


    Because you are a glutton for punishment!!!! :devil::devil::devil:
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  16. mblackwell1002


    Nice progress! Your Robocop armor is turning out great! If you need a blaster, look HERE! And you can practice your aim with THIS!!

    Make your work area safer!!

    Make your kitchen safer!!!


    lol, I'm totally messing. :D Your Reach armor is looking great so far, it's starting to look really clean from what I can tell!
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