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  1. Schankerz


    Alright folks, the title speaks for itself, with E3 2017 at its end we got a few pretty neat things out of it, and this is where we can talk about some of those nuggets of goodness.

    FIRST, we are a Halo based community so let's start there. So...THE FLOOD HAVE RETURNED!!!

    Soooo much hype here, the cinematics were beautiful and I can't wait to see what happens when the update drops for Halo Wars 2.

    I will second this post with two of my personal favourite games coming out, Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2. Not to much was said about Destiny 2 that wasn't already shown at the live gameplay stream a little while ago, just a few little tid bits of info. But Battlefront 2 however!! Man oh man am I excited, the Theed gameplay with the Republic vs the Seperatist Alliance was simply amazing, I can't wait to see more there.

    A few other things to say about it, the new Xbox One X was revealed, which seems pretty neat, price is a bit steep though, it'll be a while before I can afford upgrading if I want to. Another highlight was that new game by Bioware (the ones that made the origional three Mass Effect games btw) called Anthem, gotta say it peeked my interest a bit, looking forward to seeing more of that. I looks like we could get some pretty awesome suits to build outta that don't you think?

    I know I didn't talk about a lot of stuff but that's why this is a public thread, not a Schankerz talks about everything's by himself thread. Talk about your favourite parts! Are you looking forward to some of the games they talked about? I'd be glad to hear and talk about it!
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  2. ReClaimer8015


    Anthem trailer was great! Seems to be a mix of destiny and mass effect. Just from the look of it. The new Wolfenstein was also very cool. And a new metro game! I love this heavy breathing in these masks - makes you feel even more claustrophobic and involved.
    Anyone notice a pattern here? I just like games with taff heroes/heroines in badass suits!
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  3. CommanderPalmer


    E3 was SO CRINGEY this year! The cringe was soooo strong with it. In all seriousness though, it was the worst and most disappointing E3 I remember, especially the briefings and conferences.
    EA won the most cringey award and Bugisoft for the worst and most boring conference.
    Only games that peeked my interest were ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GETTING SECOND ORI! But I fear I might cry more there, the trailer alone looked more sad and dramatic... but that trailer was so beautiful.
    Anthem - looks amazing, Iron Man on Pandora, haha. With Hulkbuster as your sidekick. ;)
    Oh, I almost forgot... Super Lucky's Tale! It looks so cute!
    Of course - Battlefront 2. I think EA outdid themselves not only with the AMAZING game which looks literally like the original classics but better but also doing for the community - no season pass or other things that will divide the community. I'm sure they'll make microtransactions like in Halo 5, but most important is - it won't split the community. Seriously BF2 has everything the first one lacked and looks so much better. Also CLONES! And First Order! OMFG!!! SPACE BATTLES!
    Other than that? Really nothing TBH.
    Never had an E3 where just few games peeked my interest.
    And nope. Craptivision strikes back. Destiny 2 looks just the same. Destiny 1 one my biggest disappointment in gaming and this one doesn't really look better either.

    Then came the Halo Wars 2 with the Flood. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT WASN'T SHOWN DURING THE BRIEFING. Trailer was short but epic! It should have definitely landed there too.
    And yep I WAS SOOOO EXCITED! FLOOD! Separate campaign in HW2 with the Flood which is amazing but also more important - Flood coming back in the universe!
    I was seriously waiting for that. I was betting Flood will return in Halo Wars 2, but when they didn't make it I thought end of Halo 6 will be that moment... and now they delivered it with Halo Wars! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH.
    But it's funny to me that I kinda predicted it. :D
    Seriously, I'm so excited. I was waiting for those bastards to return. I hope no one believed Flood was gone at the end of Halo 3...

    I knew Halo 3 Anniversary was 99% not happening, but I was still very sad and disappointed to see it being confirmed it's really not happening.
    I really don't understand why. Microsoft and 343i really let many people down here and let down a huge opportunity to pass just like that. Halo 3 was THE FINALE of the Human-Covenant War. We got both earlier games remastered, now we're left with a really worst looking finale, because let's be honest, today Halo 3 looks worst of all Halo games. Also, what was VERY important? Release of the Xbox One X! Halo has been Xbox's flagship title and systemseller since the very beginning.
    Microsoft is releasing new console, their ultimate console. If they were releasing Xbox One X with Halo 3 Anniversary - this would have been just perfect.
    But it seems as if Microsoft doesn't care about their first-party and exclusive games anymore...

    Oh, and no. I'm totally not surprised by lack of Halo 6. They said it before E3 there won't be any Halo 6 content. ALso I remember someone from 343i mumbling that Halo 6 won't come out before 2019 earliest. The strike of voice actors, which Jen Taylor is part of doesn't help either, don't know about Steve Downes. But yeah, if we should get Halo 6 in 2019, we could hope for a teaser or announcement trailer on next E3. IF we'll get Halo 6 in 2019 and not 2020... Part of me hates to wait, but other parts of me trusts in 343i and wants them to make their best.

    About the Xbox One X, 4k isn't really something necessary for me, 1080p fullHD is enough for me and I'm not a rich person, so for now XOX is low on the list of my priorities. I'd rather buy PS4 first to play few of their exclusive games because well, I can play all of the mutliplaform and Microsoft exclusives on my Xbox One anyway. So... Nope. Rather not.
  4. ReClaimer8015


    I had hopes though. After seeing the remastered version of Halo 2 i wanted to see what Halo 3 Cutscenes would look like if blur would be at it again :(
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  5. CommanderPalmer


    ReClaimer8015 I too was hoping hard. T_T Blur destroyed the system with their Halo 2 Anniversary cutscenes! When marathoning through Halo... Halo 3 is painful to play. :/ It looked nice before, but today - it's quite outdated. And play it after playing the Halo 2 Anniversary Blur porn? NOPE NOPE NOPE :cry:
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  6. Schankerz


    Oh my goodness the cringiness...you're very VERY right about that. The two two soccer guys with the dumb music and the worst missed high five I've ever seen in my life. And I can't help but feel sorry for that youtuber guy at the EA conference...I assume his Teleprompter wasn't working and all he could do was stumble and do nothing like an idiot...poor guy.

    And yes, compared to the others Halo 3 just...well, everyone looks like melted plastic, looking forward to that remastered version sometime soon.
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  7. CommanderPalmer


    That high-five miss was THE CRINGE-HIGHLIGHT OF THE WHOLE E3 and pretty much summed up the EA's conference. :D
    I was crying. XD
    Also, Bugisoft failed most, because their whole conference was boring and uninteresting and cringey as hell too and proved that devs are not meant to be hosts. Aisha Tyler as host was the saving grace and sole reason to watch their conference. And they git rid off her. FAIL.

    Yeah, they all do, but also look at the beautiful models. Miranda Keyes, Johnson or Arbiter in Halo 2 Anniversary and then go to Halo 3... Your reaction:

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  8. mblackwell1002


    Ohhh..Halo 3 doesn't look that bad...(says the guy who just switched to Xbox One:p)

    But I was not very satisfied with Xbox x, I mean "It's the most powerful console ever" and all, but It's still a few years behind PC gaming. Not a surprise, Xbox has been far behind for quite a while. I'm still pretty loyal to MS, but my strength has been tested...:( But that's not all...I'm tired of MS giving more things that I have to buy in order to play the newest games.

    Sadly, I'll still probably buy it. I'm such a sucker, I know. If that's the next platform for Halo, I'm buying it. There's also that part of me that wants the best. It irritates me, but when I'm passionate about something, I like to get the best. I usually wait a while to get it, but in the end..."good things come to those who wait"

    343 messed up, too! No Halo other than 4K for HW2? HW2 isn't really a game you're supposed to really enjoy the scenery. if H5 had a 4K update instead, I would be happy.
    I think Halo 3 Anniversary would be disastrous for 343i. Right now, 343 is looking at a 2019 Halo 6 release. After Halo 5, I don't want 343 to rush it...I want them to take it slow and master Halo 6, as Halo 5 had a pretty terrible campaign. Halo 5's MP was AMAZING for the competitive scene, and I hope they do something just like it. I do hope they revert a little bit back to the original Halo style, I was watching Halo Follower the other day and some Halo 3: ODST stuff was being discussed. I was like "OMG, Halo 3: ODST!! Boy, do I miss that game!". I don't want to play the super-short campaign, but I realized more than anything that I want some classic gameplay back. Not entirely classic, but that old "walking tank", "level playing field" sort of game. I want them to take away sprint, but increase player speed to 120% or so to keep it fast paced. I would also like the maps to be slightly more open. RN, they're pretty claustrophobic; I don't want that.

    Here's (IMO) what would make a great Halo 6 MP that would separate Halo from other games and make it unique:
    -Remove sprint
    -Faster movement speed
    -Keep Clamber
    -Keep thrust
    -Remove Spartan Charge
    -Less claustrophobic map layout
    -Similar strategic maps
    -More maps at launch
    -More NEW maps (less remixed maps)
    -longer TTK (time to kill)

    That's what I think, anyway. I don't want too much to change, but I do want some more classic Halo.
    I also think the old aiming system would be nice. Just a refreshment of the old days...But keep it on Left Trigger.

    Back onto the E3 discussion:
    FLOOOOOODDDDD!!!!! YEEESSSS!!! I have wanted to shoot their ugly faces for SOO long! The cutscene looked glorious! But...what if the Flood outbreak spreads and affects the Halo 6 storyline?!?! And...a Gravemind forms? I know it needs a certain Biomass, but it would be great. 343 should probably wait for Halo 7 to add the Flood. (if there is a Halo 7) They need to resolve this Created conflict first. I miss those dark missions of the flood, running and gunning while blasting their faces...some of my best video gaming moments; I hope 343i can re-create it some day.:love:

    Battlefront 2: It's gonna be amazing. I. AM. SO. EXCITED! And did you seen Emperor Palpatine's Hologram face on that droid-thing? OH MY GOODNESS! Palpatine isn't dead!?!?! It's gonna be so amazing!

    Anthem looks cool as well! The gameplay looks neat, but it seems to have that "Play with your friends or don't play at all" feel to it. I don't want to be forced to play with other players for certain missions like in Destiny. I'm more of a solo player, I like competitive MP stuff, but not that.

    Metro: Exodus looks really cool as well. I like thriller-style games that give you a little scare. I think I'll like Metro. It plays on the same thing that made me love the Half-Life series.

    I don't know, E3 2017 was alright. MS messed up pretty bad, though.
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  9. Schankerz


    I also must give credit to EA for what they're doing with Battlefront 2, space battles and the overall way the flying system works now is nominal. No more locking on, the stupid cool down evasive maneuvers abilities are gone and replaced with the ability to roll the ship in any direction you want. So battles in the air last significantly longer and chances are your going to have a longer lifespan than one minute. Criterion, i tip my hat to you good sirs, brilliant job there.

    And the new abilities system that's like the CoD way of achieving points but significantly better is a HUGE improvement compared to the random pick ups lying around the map. AND THAT CAMPAIGN, sooo excited to play as the empire, especially during that transition period from the end of Return of the Jedi to the forming of the First Order. The new books talking about that time are awesome and I can't wait to see that on screen.

    *Ahem* Star Wars lore correction officer, here to rectify this grave error sir. Palpatine is in fact, dead. That droid you saw was one of Palpatine's sentinel droids that carry out pre-recorded messages for him. But what orders could he possibly be sending out now that hes dead you may ask? Well its all part of Palpatines master plan, he thinks that if he were to die for whatever reason, the Empire should fall with him, only those that are worthy to survive would go on to become the First order. Now you may be asking, survive what exactly? Answer: The Battle of Jakku, one of the last and biggest conflicts between the Rebels and the Empire. There's this whole conspiracy thing about blowing up Jakku, destroying both the New Republic and the Empire in one swift blow. Obviously it doesn't turn out but eventually whats left of the Empire runs off beyond the Outer Rim in unexplored space where they find Palpatines Super Star Destroyer, and the First Order begins to form. There's a lot more here I missed but it's all in the book Aftermath: Empires End, or google it if you want to know more about that, it;s super cool stuff and we'll probably see a lot of it in Battlefront 2.
  10. mblackwell1002


    Rrrmm. Go ahead, put me in time-out...Nah, Joking. :D
    Interesting. I guess I'm too used to 343's stupid "Bring back the Dead" shenanigans (sgt Johnson, Cortana). My logic was: If Palpatine needed his pre-recorded messages carried out, he would have used regular recordings (holographic recordings) and not sentinel droids. I mean, Palpatine's all about logic and reasoning, right? I think his reasoning is faltering a little bit...sentinel droids aren't super practical compared to a carry-on device. I just assumed Palpatine transferred his consciousness into that droid or something. I mean, it's Science Fiction, right? :lol:
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  11. CommanderPalmer


    mblackwell1002 Yep. Halo 3 looks bad and outdated, worst looking Halo today. And if you play it straight after playing Halo 3 Anniversary? Your eyes bleed. :D

    As for Xbox One X - please find me a decent 4k PC for that price. PLUS that has all build so and is optimized, not put on with different parts. Consoles might be less powerful, but compare exact console with exact PC in terms of power with one game and the game will be normally better optimized on console.

    Also, Xbox One X is part of Xbox One family. All games will run on all Xbox One consoles, be it standard, S or X. The only X exclusives might be any VR games or so.

    As for Halo 3 Anniversary, look closer. 343i didn't do previous Anniversaries by themselves, MANY other companies were involved, so they were mostly doing other stuff.

    And NO never remove SPRINT. EVER. Times changed. I imagine it must be really new if you just moved to Xbox One and Halo 5, but sprint is part of games now. I actually don't mind Spartan Charge. You can counter or evade, or often you can shoot and kill the guy before he makes it to you. Halo 5 is lot more dynamic - changing it and improving is a go. Removing it? NOPE. Time has changed.
    But I agree on variety of maps. Some do feel bit claustrophobic, BUT then again they are very strategic, you can spot people from other side of the map or get shot at. So yes and not at all.

    And EWWWW, HOW CAN YOU WATCH THE CRAP FROM HALO FOLLOWER! -_- You lost all my respect, you scrub.

    This is Jeff AKA Grim from 343i about Halo Follower (and 99% other people).

    DCA-hWAW0AMk6dl.jpg large.jpg

    But I TOTALLY agree with you guys about the Battlefront 2 hype. SOOO hyped. The campaign look SO DAMN GOOD and it's new, it'll explain more after fall of the Empire, which is great - not giving us something we already had. <3
    Battlefront 2 is TOTAL improvement in every possible way.
    And I squeeled too when I saw that Sheev holo-face! :D That was awesome touch, and I'm genuinely so curious about the campaign. O_O
    But the whole game looks so damn good.

    mblackwell1002 "stupid bring back Cortana shenaningans"?
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  12. mblackwell1002


    I don't watch Halo Follower very often. Occasionally they have good points, though. Most of the time, it's dumb theories (which is why I don't watch it often). I watch LTN a lot, though. He's not so much of a "Halo theories" guy as he is a "improve your gameplay" guy. I like over-analyzing my gameplay to improve my skilllzzzz. :D In fact, I was watching LukeTheNotable when one of the icons on the side was a Halo Follower video. Darn that clickbait. :)

    Oh gosh, CommanderPalmer!! Why do you have to stick to everything 343 does sometimes?!:p If you don't know what "stupid bring back Cortana shenaningans" are, then you do not understand storytelling very well. I'm sorry for being so aggressive about it, but 343 bringing back Cortana was a bad move. After that, they decide "Yeah! It's a great idea to bring back Johnson!". So now, it seems as though "Nobody in Halo ever dies". That is terrible storytelling, no one comes back from the dead after 4 years! It's what made Halo 5 so bad. That, and horrible character development. And Cortana waits 3 years to see John again? I don't think that's good storytelling.

    I understand the Xbox One family thing, but read my post^ again. The Xbox One X will have enhanced gameplay, framerate, graphics, you name it. Split-screen is pretty important to me, so if Xbox X has that plus-side, I'll definitely get it. Or, at least, want it a lot. :p SW Battlefront has split-screen, but it runs poorly. The framerate drops a little bit with split-screen, and degrades the experience a little bit. If that's a fairly old game (with only 30 FPS), what do you think newer games would be like on 60 FPS? most games now run at 60 FPS, so split-screen is not very practical on older consoles.

    I understand that times change and that's how Halo is now, but notice a little something: All the major companies are going back to old gameplay. CoD and Battlefield are going back and thriving.

    For further emphasis on returning to the old ways, Remember what made Halo 3: ODST so good? Think for a minute...It's because it was different from other games and Halos. People loved it, but it wasn't really a "full" game. RN, the Halo community isn't doing too well and has a dwindling player base. People are giving up on Halo. I personally won't, but I do think the next game would do well if it had a little bit of older stuff thrown in. Tell me what benefits sprint has.

    And it's not like I'm some caveman who has never seen new graphics or gameplay. :p I have a fairly husky PC which can handle a lot more than Xbox One can. My PC is probably PS4 Pro equivalent. I know what new games look and play like, lol. :) I also played Halo 5 at release at a friend's house.
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  13. CommanderPalmer


    Dude, I was just asking what you exactly meant, that's all, because I wasn't sure in particular. Chill.
    As for Johnson - he is dead. Dead as dead, so I have no idea what you mean by "bringing him back". He is *dead*. I repeat, Johnson is dead and did not come back.

    I think there are many things you're missing, after reading your posts. Cortana we all knew is dead. She died sacrificing herself to save John.
    The Cortana we see in Halo 5 is one of her split rampant selves - you see her splitting and fragmenting herself at the end of Halo 4. That one in Halo 5 is a remnant, when she was pulled into slipspace she found and made contact, also was 'cured' by the Domain.

    Also, just FIY Bungie first planned to make Cortana going all rampant and become antagonist trying to destroy the world at the end of Halo: CE... So it just looks like they went with this, a little bit later on.

    And nope, I don't 'stick to everything 343i does sometimes', and sure they have don't things where I didn't particularly agreed with and rather disliked. But so far, I've been very happy how 343i has been doing TBH.

    Of course, all games will run better on Xbox One X. :D But so far, at least for me, I XOX isn't appealing enough. I don't use split-screen at all, so Halo 5 missing it hasn't affected me at all. And well, XOX gives the opportunity for games to run better but then in the end it's up to developers to decide, so even if it has the power, not all games may run at 60fps.

    I disagree. COD and Battlefield started out with historical battles. And no, they are not going with gameplay but rather with theme. Look, you can do all these things - sprint and such. People never wanted those games to go to futuristic sci-fi themes, they wanted their WW2 and modern gameplay, not futuristic. The studios tried going with the hype of Halo, Titanfall and Destiny and more and thought people would like it - nope. But it's just about themes, not gameplay - which are two different things.

    As for Halo 3 ODST and different Halo games. People want diversity. I would love to have different Halo games, as in genres. Imagine Halo survival horror against the Flood... An action-RPG similar to Mass Effect. Battlefront-esque Halo game with the biggest battles where you're the Marine and have battles on the ground and in the space. A more darker game where you're playing as ONI agent.
    I think doing more such games would strongly benefit Halo as the franchise because it could possibly bring more new people.

    As for "people are giving up on Halo". I disagree, again. Times have changed drastically. Halo 5 did great if you look at sales and statistics BUT 10-15 years ago it was so much different. There were barely few tripleA games, games were coming out rarely. Companies and studios didn't have to fight to keep games playing their games.
    The opposite. There are SO many tripleA games, games are coming out LITERALLY every day. Companies have to FIGHT to keep the players playing their games, keep players interested because they will just move to MANY different games.
    I rather hear "man there are so many games I still want and have to play" instead "there is nothing (else) to play".

    And I wasn't calling you a caveman. I rather meant - just look at how beautiful models alone are in H2A. Miranda, Johnson, Arbiter and many more... and then look at them in Halo 3. O__O NOPE, scary.
  14. mblackwell1002


    Yeah, I do need to chill.:p Sorry, none of that was really intended to sound harsh. My apologies.:oops:

    Check THIS out, CommanderPalmer. He's technically still alive. I'll respond to the rest of the stuff in just a sec.

    EDIT---Foot inserted into mouth
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  15. CommanderPalmer


    mblackwell1002 Everything's fine. ;)

    I seriously don't understand the whole butthurt and drama over Johnson. Forge is in Halo Wars 2 multiplayer too and there was no drama. o_o
    HW2 multiplayer isn't canon. Both Forge and Johnson are dead. They are just adding leaders to RTS multiplayer. That's all.
  16. mblackwell1002


    I guess so...that makes sense...Stupid of me.

    I still think some change from old might be good for Halo as a whole. I like some stuff from recent Halos, but Halo isn't very unique anymore, like it used to be. It is a different game, but so many games now have sprint, clamber, futuristic abilities. I just want some change from that stuff in Halo. I understand if some people want the more futuristic variety, but I want some of the older Halo features back. A spinoff would be nice. I would like that a lot.

    And I can't understand how you say Cortana isn't alive. She may be a "part" of Cortana, but she is still Cortana. It's like...um...Say a person comes home after a war and now has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They behave very differently than before, but they're still the same person and can come back to their old self. Similar situation, anyway.

    Alright, I need to take a break from this discussion. :)
  17. CommanderPalmer


    It used to be unique, because there were no other big games and franchises. And more recently, look how many new big franchises were introduced - Destiny (FAILstiny) or Titanfall and more. Hell, even since Halo 3 we've got another big universe - Mass Effect. When you look into different game genres, there are even more.
    Years ago, there was so much less, and because there was no alternative, Halo 2 and Halo 3 were such a big thing.
    Today? All studios and companies have to make frequent updates and stuff to keep the players interested in their game, because those gamers can *easily* just switch the disc and go to many other games.

    (I play many video games, but to me personally Halo is my biggest love and I'll never cheat on it and will always come back <3 )

    And TBH, it looks very bad for Halo 5 now. Halo 6 won't come out before 2019 or everything points to it. That means we're having another 2 years without any new Halo FPS game and we're left with Halo 5.
    Halo 5, which is already almost 2 years old BUT it's been very nice and interesting with all those post-launch updates with new maps, new unlockables, new modes, etc.
    BUT they stopped doing that with the end of 2016. That kept MANY people playing and kept it interesting.
    I see that 343i is still doing things to Halo 5 and every 1-2 weeks changing the featured playlist in the 'social sections'.
    They would be stupid if they completely abandoned Halo 5, but it's simply not enough for it to survive another 1 year, let alone 2 years.
    I've seen even those 'pro' players and Halo YTbers getting more and more bored with Halo and looking for other alternatives.

    And Halo Wars 2 isn't cutting it. Many people don't like RTS games and don't play them, so "but what do you mean we just got Halo Wars 2" is no excuse as many people and even Halo fans skipped the game completely and they are not interested in buying it.

    So... I'm afraid when I look at the future. Concerned at least.

    2018 would have been great time for Halo 6, those 3 years period between every main game were perfect.

    And I meant the Cortana we all knew is dead, she sacrificed herself. But before that, she fragmented herself. So, the Cortana we see in Halo 5 is one of many fragments of her personality. The Cortana *we* knew sacrificed herself protecting John so he could live at the end of Halo 4.
    The Didact's ship Mantle's Approach made a slipspace jump, taking Cortana's remants with it, and there her remains somehow made contact with the Domain, where she was reassembled and cured.
    Before the Halo 4's finale Cortana had very advanced rampancy and she was only coming back to sanity thanks to John. Both of them had only *hoped* and theorized that *maybe* Halsey would manage to somehow save and cure her, but the whole process of brain cloning would have to be done first - and Cortana even admitted that that new AI would not be *her* if it was a success.
    At the end on Mantle's Approach Cortana split herself into fragments and was kinda "relieved" of her rampancy. The problem was - her other fragments were on the ship and there was no chance of recovering them (the AI chip was desintegrated by the Didact), and because of that she deteriorated after saving John. What was interesting - she basically was certain it would have been too late to repair her anyway.
    So, the Cortana "died", and only her 'other' fragments somehow survived and when she entered Domain, her rampancy was cured - we still don't know a lot.
    I think the Flood (Precursors) might be manipulating in the shadows and could have had something to do with this. Maybe. Maybe not. I won't know for another 2 years anyway.
  18. mblackwell1002


    I sure hope the Flood don't interfere yet, it would be too easy for 343 to end the story and be like "Hey, Flood are back! We hope you all are happy that the Created are no longer a serious threat." If the Flood were to intervene, Cortana and the UNSC would unite against it, ending the Created conflict. 343 can't do this, they would be dodging the bullet they fired 2 years ago with Halo 5. There would still be some Created conflict, but it would not be a good solution.
  19. CommanderPalmer


    Um... E3 Halo Wars 2 trailer "Hey we're Flood and WE.ARE.BAAAACK! Yo!" :D

    No idea how the whole campaign in Halo Wars 2 will be and how will be the outcome, but I think Flood will remain in the shadow and maybe we'll see a tease at the end of Halo 6. It's just my guess.
    I don't really see The Created and UNSC combining forces... But there is too much in the universe going on right now for the Flood to just straight jump in.
    And I'm sure the Created conflict won't be solved so fast and easily. ;)
    Remember, the Reclamation has only just begun.
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  20. mblackwell1002


    Yeah, I don't know what will happen...I'm just along for the ride.

    Now it's time for E3 in Emoji form, with a maximum of one word per title:

    SW Battlefront II: :love:(y):cool::D

    Anthem: (y)(n)Maybe:confused:

    HW2: (y):sick:(y) :eek::sick:FLOOD!:sick::cool:

    Xbox One X: :eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D(y)(y)(y):lol:

    343: o_Oo_O:notworthy::cautious::sleep:(y)(y):love::cool:
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