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Just a Reminder: E3 Begins Tonight!
In case you've just crawled out of a hole after sleeping for the last year, E3 begins tonight and Microsoft's Press Conference gets underway at 11:30 p.m. ET / 8:30 p.m. PT. The goodly folks over at Xbox.com will be streaming the conference live for you to view over the Internetz. Additionally, it's probably worth your while to keep checking the Bungie.net Interwebz destination in case stuff and/or things occur that require your presence.
Yes! I cant wait!

Comcast Digital Cable - Channel 162

E3 - 9:00 EST
Microsoft Live Press Conference - 11:00 EST

Im probably wont be awake to see the press conference because I have to go to bed due to work in the morning. But Ill deff watch the E3! Thanks for the reminder Adam...
I'll be watching and recording it to post up vids and pics of whatever Bungie decides to reveal tonight!

Thanks for posting the times... I didn't know when to tune in!
SPARTAN-430 said:
The real E3 isnt untill tomorrow... tonight is just the preview/prediction of the E3 2007...

wrong.. microsoft press conference was tonight at 1130 Eastern
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