Easiest (halo) weapon to pep?


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Hey all, what do you think the easiest Halo weapon to pep is? I'm sick and I need something to do, but I don't want to waste my time cutting/gluing. I am also lazy :p

I want the weapon to be from Reach, but Halo 3 would be fine. File download links would be nice!


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most off the weapon are just hard for me to do because they are enclosed, but when you are ready to try something a little harder, try the MA5K, ill post a link for you in a minute


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as i was told, closed shapes like weapons are alot harder, then helmets and other pieces, i have tryed the halo 2 SMG, halo 3 assault rifle and the halo CE assault rifle, and i never completed any of them, too hard... try HD armor pieces if you want anyhting a bit more challanging...


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sliced pep weapons are much easier - you can use a carton or anywhing for it and smooth the corner afterwords...

there are many in the forum if you seach