Easiest Pep Files for the Mark VI Build

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Hey Guys,

I am struggeling here with the HD Mark VI Files. Sooooo many little Pieces and soooo many Problems. So I wanted to ask for some Advices, how to do this. What about the LD Parts? Did anyone work with the LD Parts?

Are there other easier Files for the HD Parts? I am working on the Forearms and it is daaaaaaaaaaamn difficult.



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In the Halo 3 section of the 405th 4shared database are some MD, or medium definition files. For scaling try out the following links:

I started out the first scaling one as a HD file. It lead to major frustration. A easier way would be measure your body. Adjust the pepakura file to the right scale in a LD file.

Side note you can measure the piece in pepakura by right clicking in the area showing the pieces on paper. Select Measure between two points and then click on the 3D model to perform the measure.

Use the LD file to verify the correct fit. Once you are happy, then change the scale of the HD file and print it out. Using the HD file for a test piece will end up causing way more work then required.
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Spartan 1004

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Thanks for those helpful links and all the advices! The Scaling is not my problem. I got the Sizes right. My Problem is to pepp the HD Files. They are tooooo difficult for me. I just worked a full Day on a god damn forearm and I am still not finished. :/ I need some easier Files to work with. Where can I find the Medium Files? I find only LD and HD Files. COuld you please send me the links to the MD Files?

The LD Files are easy to make but the HD Files are too difficult. I suck at Pepakura. God Damn.


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My bad, I thought there was. Unfortunately it appears I was wrong. Sorry for the confusion.

You could always do the LD files and add details by adding foam bits, thick mat board pieces, or bondo. For adding details with bondo

Also check out the other elite builds and Cereal Kill3r's other Youtube videos. I am still new so can't help much further than that. Hopefully someone with more experience can add more.