Easy Company Needs New Blood


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This is my last ditch effort at recruitment for this clan. I'm the CO of Easy Company for the Anstice Brigade. Our numbers are dwindling and we need people to fill our ranks in Easy, but not just warm bodies. We need people who are interested in actually hanging around for a good while. If I can't restore our ranks, I'm stepping down and letting someone with a little more time than myself take my place and continue.

If you've never been part of a Halo clan before, here's a few reasons you might want to join:

-Make some new friends, perhaps fill up that friendslist a little bit.
-Play with some people who like to fool around in custom games, but also like to play seriously as well.
-Improve your own game play and abilities.
-Go head-to-head with groups like TTL, AoR, and Praetoria Guard.
-Have fun with a great bunch of people.

Requirements to join,

Access: You must have regular access to XBL and a 360. Owning one is preferably, but regular access to a 360 is ok, but you MUST have your own Gold GT account.
Age: 18
Activity: You must be active on the site and on XBL with members of your specified group among others.
Training: All recruits must go through BT(Basic Training) and HJS(Hell Jumper School) before being put on a squad. BT is usually just an evaluation of your basic skills. We need to make sure you know how to at least drive and aim. Everyone usually finds BT fun. HJS is more serious than BT. Teamwork is the test for HJS and without it your won't pass. These training sessions are designed to find the more serious players. The people that actually want to play in some sort of organized fashion.

Finally, this clan is very respectful of those in it and those we play. This clan is first and foremost around just to have fun. If you're already in a clan, you will not be allowed to join/participate in this one and the other at the same time. We don't really like stealing people from other clans either, so don't abandon your friends...unless you're sick of them and want to leave them. There is a field manual you should read if/once you join. It has all the regulations that you must follow to participate in the clan. The basic concept is to be respectful.

If anyone decides to join, let me know either here or through PM and I'll give you more details as well as the site on where to join up.

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Spartan 051

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Friendly said:
Hey, why not? I could use a good team for ranked slayer...

Sign me up.
im with you there. I always get stuck with pulling my team and we still end up loose some how but then again when people have like -8 and -10 doenst help much
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I thought the Age limit dropped? Anyways, the AB is a great group of guy's to join if anyone is looking for a Halo 3 Clan. I was in, But I couldn't quite keep myself with the program at the time so I ended up dropping out.

Good luck and have fun to anyone that joins ;).



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DoC ByTeS said:
Can we try this one last time? :D
PM Sent

Boris - Clan AH? Haven't heard of ya. What's the full name?

@051 - Did you want to join or were you just posting?
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oh man, Easy Company.. Sound good, recruiting time for EC. Only downside on my point of view, im only 15. i would really love to join, :p ehh. Basic training and Hell Jumper school, thats sounds really really cool to me anyways ?
I would love to join(downside Age 16)
Hope Easy Company gets bigger


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Time requirements? I'm active but depending on my filmmaking job I may disappear for a week once a month.



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23Magnum said:
As long as your not gone for months at a time without telling anyone, it should be fine.
Well then PM me the details ;) I'm ready for Basic Training right now. I had to go home early from work because of a pinched nerve in my neck so.. I'm free for the night :\. Never months at a time but.. about one week a month I go missing, always with notice though. 43,000+ gamerscore, 1000/1000 h3 and true skill of 32. My specialty is driving and close quarters combat. Weakness, sniper rifle.

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Kaya Tetsu

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There have been hints of a 360 in my future (bday and christmas are almost here)....oh darn...NVM it says 18 I'll be 17...drats.....

flying squirl

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Well if theres any room Id like to have a shot at it. I've got acess to a good connection now in my friends house and I'm a member in the local XBL centre where there's an amazing connection. I'll be able to go to the XBL centre tommorow and any eveing (finish work at 1pm) or I can just nip up to my friends house whenever.
playstyle: sniper/support or 2-3 man br teams, also prity good on a hog turret.
weakness: getting sticks and driving
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Hmm, Ive never been part of a clan before, sounds like fun.

Age: 20

H3 Skillz: Plasma grenades, frag grenades, beat downs/assasinations, AS/BR combo, Warthog gunner

H3 Weaknesses: I'm a weak sniper but slowly getting better, I cant drive a ghost worth sh*t, kids


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I would totally enjoy doing this, but I took a long break from Halo and now I suck at it, I'd have to play more before I can even consider it. Although I'm getting some of my skill back.


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Truth be told, the true age of allowance into the clan is 16. I'm not recruiting anyone under the age of 18 into Easy Company anymore because of the people that have been allowed in before under that age don't have a great track record of sticking around.

If you're sixteen and still want to join, you'll have to request another company or battalion during enlistment.

Basically, I can't control who joins the Anstice Brigade, but I can say who can and cannot join Easy Company.

Kensai, Squirl, Rose - PM sent