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Easy hex pattern neck seal based on Blue Realm pattern

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by gmflex, May 3, 2015.

  1. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    I am no good at sewing, so I decided to try something a bit different for my neck seal.

    I bought some 2mm Aero-Mat to use as material since it already has a hex pattern.

    I used the neck seal pattern from Blue Realm Studios as a template.

    I then traced the neck seal pattern on to the Aero-Mat and cut them out. (#7 is a duplicate BTW. No idea how that happened)

    After I cut them out I hit them with some Plastidip.

    I then glued the pieces together using webbing as backing except for the last seam. For that I used Velcro on both sides with another piece to hold it all together.


    It ended up being a bit of a mashup between the Halo 3 neck seal and Halo 4 hex undersuit.
    This is a pretty snug fit, so if you have a bigger neck you'll need to leave some space between the panels are make the straight panels in front and back a bit wider.


    Attached Files:

  2. Starrmont

    Starrmont Jr Member

    Dayum, that looks good! Seems easier than sewing, and looks better, too! Definitely saving this bit for later.
    mike bike likes this.
  3. BPipkin

    BPipkin Jr Member

    Dude! Awesome quick tip! I'm glad someone else knows the struggle. Last thing I sewed together was with a stapler.
    Guard1an, Markolivo76 and Starrmont like this.
  4. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    I did sew some Velcro on my undersuit to hold up the shoulders. I hated every minute of it and it looks terrible. Fortunately nobody will see it.
  5. Scottacus

    Scottacus New Member

    How stiff is that material though? You think you can make the rest of the body suit out of it?
  6. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    It's fairly flexible, but I don't think you could make an entire suit out of it. You could probably add it to an undersuit in strategic locations to create the effect of a complete suit though.
    Starrmont likes this.
  7. WandererTJ


    Do you have a link for the pattern?
    In the OP it seems as though you have used the link for the product you used twice.

    Btw, I totally love this!

    I've actually just figured out a pretty quick and cheap way to get a hexagon pattern on foam.
    Just posted it in my build thread. Check it out, I have it linked in my signature.
  8. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the link.
  9. vshore100


    Both links are still the same gm. Awesome work on this though. I really like the look! :D
  10. Starrmont

    Starrmont Jr Member

    gmflex In the advanced editor, select the second link and click the "Unlink" button. That will remove the bad url and force it to reset to where it's supposed to be going.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
  11. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    Ok, it's actually fixed now.
    WandererTJ and vshore100 like this.
  12. Uscstaylor

    Uscstaylor New Member

    That's actually a great idea. Thanks dude!
  13. vshore100


    This probably seems like a silly question, but how did you scale the pattern for printing?
  14. Roku


    This is awesome! Very nice work and it looks great! Thanks for sharing this :)
  15. Traghatti


    Very cool, maybe I'll have to add this to my suit for SDCC. On a side note, what did you use for the visor hex pattern? Thanks for sharing!
  16. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    Not a silly question. I remember having to fiddle with the printing format a few times. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I had to do.
  17. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    I used this sticker sheet http://bd15decals.com/collections/frontpage/products/a4-size-hex-sheet
    Stick to visor material, remove the sticker material surround the hex stickers then spray with color of your choice. I ended up using a matte clear coat instead of color.
    After it dries, peel off the hex stickers. Use a hobby knife, as fingernails just end up damaging the paint or leaving greasy fingerprints.
    AI Blue Fox likes this.
  18. vshore100


    Thanks. I figured it out finally.
  19. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    Great! I saved my original printouts so I didn't have to figure it out again. What did you end up doing?
    vshore100 likes this.
  20. vshore100


    I didn't end up using this file, but I took the one that I did use into Illustrator and printed it from there. It was already scaled correctly, just needed a program to open it up with. Totally forgot that I could use Illustrator for that, lol. :D
    WandererTJ likes this.
  21. n00bj00b


    I'm struggling to figure out scaling it. Everything I do my printer wants to put all the pieces on one page.
  22. fredwordsplat


    Is it so snug that you can't speak or is it loose enough for speaking
  23. gmflex

    gmflex Member

    It shouldn't interfere with speaking. You may have to make some adjustments to the width of the straight pieces depending on how big your neck is.
  24. Evolver79


    Great idea/ tutorial. I'll put this to good use for my build. Thank you.
  25. coolgun567

    coolgun567 New Member

    thanks look good i think that i will try it

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