Props Ebony Warrior's Reach/Landfall Inspired ODST


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I've been prop building for almost 10 years and Halo has always been a passion of mine. I've built quite a few suits but for this build I wanted to go as realistic as possible using EVA foam. I even casted parts for this build by making bucks out of Eva foam. This is my progress so far, on the paint scheme. It's Reach and Landfall inspired. I used the Halo Infinite logo on the chest because I didn't want to stencil 26 damn feathers, lol. Paints used are enamels and acrylics. I will have the whole build ready for Dragoncon, as I will be using this build in the parade. I will update as I complete more pieces and add in progress photos of the raw build later on.



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That looks awesome dude! I hope my build ends up looking half this detailed.


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your foamsmithing skills are amazing. for a second I thought some of your parts were casts.


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Been following this build on IG, it looks fantastic man! I was considering going to dragon con this year to meet you and a few others but I will probably have to wait till next year


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So DragonCon is in 3 weeks and I'm almost done with my ODST armor...but I always build something at the last minute before DCon...So to continue the tradition I'm attempting to build an SRS-99D. I took some time and designed the view finder that will be laser etched into acrylic and side lit with LEDs. I provided and example of my MA5B ammo counter that was designed the same exact way


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This is a fantastic suit of armor. The Landfall design is really good looking, and surprisingly different from the game ODST models, a lot more parts and details going on.

Good luck.