Effective Way to Harden Styrofoam?


This is not a 405th project, I'm building an enclosure for an alligator. I plan to sculpt the bottom out of foam, and was going to use a pond epoxy. But I'm a bit worried about to much give int he foam. I was considering fiberglass, but that's a lot of work.

I figured someone has something out there for hardening styrofoam?

Would a rondo mixture work? or too easy to crack?

Thank you



Jr Member
That's.... a LOT of work for an alligator, and you're going to need something a LOT stronger than foam (or fibreglass, if I'm honest).

At a push, I would urge you to look into fibreglass over styrofoam - rondo has no real strength to it either, and it'll certainly be too brittle for use.


I'm aware of how to care for these guy's been doing so for years. I just have a young one who need's a home.

The Pond Armor epoxy will take all the brute and scratches. I just need the stuff under it to be strong enough not to cave. I'm sculting out of foam as it is the easiest thing to work with. I've seen plenty of people harden it. just not sure what I can use.

I think I will be going with the fiberglass. two coats.