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New "New" Info:

The New Needler:
IT IS NO LONGER DUAL-WIELDABLE!!! Not much is explained but they do say that it is going to be made more powerful, balanced, and "usable".

The Brute Ghost:
The only details on the Brute Ghost were seen in the 20-second Single-Player Video (more on that later). It is summarized in the magazine as a "bulkier version of the classic hover bike" shown in the vid with a Brute climbing into it.

Single Player:
The guys at EGM got a 20-second video of the MC "tearing" around a huge industrial compound with gunfire coming from all types of Covenant crafts including a hulking wraith and "what looks to be a new Brute Ghost". There were "ships flying overhead, lasers everywhere, multiple enemies all around etc". Again, EGM rejects us much info on the stuff that no one else has...(More details to be revealed on Nov. 20 on the Mini-Site)

One of the things I am most excited about is being able to record gameplay onto your hardrive or memory card. The best way to describe this is as an example: Late one night you go into matchmaking and have the best game of your life. You rack up 95% of your teams kills and attain little deaths. You were playing like a GOD. The problem is, none of yours friends were with you. Don't fear, as long as you chose to save the temporarily stored video of the match, you can share your glory! Start up a party and get all of your friends in it, then bring up your saved video and launch it! The video will automatically come up on everyone's screen and the host will be able to control play, pause, slow, rewind, etc. while everyone else can choose how they want to see it, be it First Person, Third Person, or from a "fly-it-yourself bird's eye view". All I can say about this is, WOW.

Game Settings:
No longer are certain things such as speed reserved for either one person. That's right you can give all special traits to everyone!!! And for even more fun, you can even give them to the leading/losing teams in a match! But along with the old traits come a line of new ones. My favorite is being able to make characters more visible, BY SETTING THEM ON FIRE!!! You can even turn down gravity to allow people to jump twice as high, and prevent certain people from picking up weapons. That was all that was specofied in the mag but they say there is more...

Have you ever been in a party and the host is putting a gametype that no-one wants to play? Well vote against it! This can allow people to override the host's power. Whatever happened to the good ol' x button?

Advertising Customs:
Now you can put your custom gametype or even your custom game lobby out there for everyone to see! This was Bungie's answer to custom matchmaking...

Now you will have an actual "military" rank in Halo 3. This will be seperate from your matchmaking ranks and will include your overall stats, ranked, unranked, and even customs.

The X Button:
Still a mystery...

Ok Now More Info on the Older New Stuff:

The Brute Spiker:
I doesn't launch orange needle. It launches two foot superheated metal spike which resmble orange needles.

The Spike Grenade:
This thing latches onto ANYTHING. Covered with spikes, it will kill a Spartan if it you hit one on the head with it, but will stay embedded into it until it explodes: The explosions send out a conical volley of spikes, conical being so that if you are in a certain blind spot near the grenade, you won't be damaged.

Spartan Laser:
Can penetrate through multiple targets...

Grenades in General:
You can now only carry two of each...thats wack...

Yes you can drive anything into these "cannons" but heavier things, such as the Warthog, won't go nearly as far...

I personally don't think it is another Coag or BG, it IS a large map but it is balanced so snipers and heavy rockets don't rule it...

There is a lot more to this map than there looks. The bases seem to be pretty large undergound and there are also linking tunnels and pathways. Energy shields (more on that lower down) protect many entrances and if you get too far out into the barren winter tundra, sentry turrets will shoot you down...

My favorite map, the battle revolves aroung the main base with openable/closeable front gates. There are numerous entrances and hiding place inside the structure such as a blown out bunker or a small "crouch" pipe.

Energy Shields:
This IS old new stuff, just less known I guess. Anyways these energy barriers won't let some grenades through the mag doesn't explain but apparently spike grenades stick to them. I'm not going to go to into these things because most of the info is already out there...

Ummmm, if I remember anything else, I'll tell but for now, this is it...
What's the source on all this? is this from the EGM article?

Some of it sounds a little "odd"...
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
^^^^^^ That goes for... almost... everything stated.

P.S. My Friend's brother appearently works at Bungie, he just told me today. so, naturally, I inquired further. Appearently, He played the first campain level, and 3 multiplayer levels. I dare not speak of what he old me about the campaign, for legal and ehical matters and the such, but appearently there's a big ass new rocket launcer (no, NOT the Spartan Laser, but something else). also, you can supposeably fly the Pelican, and a slightly... larger... vehicle. I wont say what, But You've been on it before, you just never controlled it. now you can. then he went into some random note about cool aspects about some MP maps. I have my disbeliefs as to what he told me, however, because he said there was 64 players, but I thought Bungie sait there was still only 16? Anyone got a link to a complete list of Bungie's Staff? to make sure his brother is really on it.
Yeah, but that would take a while. A long while. Doesnt the second disk in the CE contain the credits that you can scroll through, rather than have a set time for each scene sorta thing? I'll check that out later, but I don't know if his brother has been with Bungie that long, and I'd rather not ask him how long he has worked for them, cuz then I'd have to say to see if he would be in the credits,, then he'd say why again, which would leave me with the choice of lying or saying I don't believe him. :evil: Dang. Ah, well, at least it gives me something to look forward to, real or not.

Back to the subject, you can only carry 2 types of grenades at a time? That's lame.

Also, how does the recording thing work? does it give you the option of selecting bits of the match after it ended, or do you start/stop recording during gameplay, if so, could this be what the X button is for? :shock:
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