Electroluminescent Paint.... this stuff is cool!


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Hey guys, I just stumbled across this stuff on my Facebook feed, and just wanted to share!

Long story, short, it is paint that lights up when you apply an electrical charge to it. I didn't research it too hard, but as far as I can tell, it isn't available for home application yet so you have to pay to have it done.

Here is a brief video on it:

I couldn't help but think of the applications in the cosplay world when I saw this.... it would definitely make an ideal medium for coating an energy sword!
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Jason 078

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I can't wait for the rattle-can version to come out. Take a clear Plexiglas shield, spray it with this. Boom, instant Jackal energy shield! Same, as has been said above, for the Energy Sword!


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My thoughts exactly! Even at $50-60 bucks a can, I'd still be willing to give it a go. That being said, it is relatively easy to thin down paint from a tin and spray it with an hvlp gun... I do it pretty regularly with tremclad on large fabrication projects.


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It's on my to try list .

IMO a suit night be sick to EL
Absolutely would sick. Can you imagine different plates lighting up, or even just parts of the helmet. WOW, this is neat. How do you get the charge to it? Open wires or is there specific hardware needed?

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Energy swords
My thoughts exactly. I am currently trying to pep an energy sword for my son and he asked how to make it glow. I was planning on getting some of the glow paint and trying to tint it blue.


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Ive look in to the paint when It was hot topic in the EE world.

EL has a few layers.
One is a conductive base . can be foil .
then it has the Organic EL stuff.
then ITO thin film as a wire for the other side of the circuit.

Then a cover that Seals it from O2 and other stuff.

The Points that carry power need to be in contact as part of the paint layers. Ya cant solder to it afterwards.
so Yes it could fit on a prop or armor but the power I/Os are the issue .

Drill a 1 MM hole and pass the wires .

If you want the mother of all Glow paint . these folks have the good stuff .


This would be really helpful in adding that extra level of coolness to all those building the Spartan Locke helmet! His visor lights up, which is a pretty swanky effect.