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Does anyone here think it was a good idea to put da cows (elites) in H2. Multiplayer and Campaign. That whole arbiter thing was kinda off for me. They need it to explain the covie civil war, but i hated every time I had to play as him. Think they'll do it for H3?


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Absolute no. I hate the elites, I don't wanna sympathize with them.


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I disagree, I think it makes the story better to know that there is a plan that envolves screwing more than the human race. It kinda lends to the fact that we are not the center of the universe (even though the game focuses on earth). The elites are kool in my book. Except the arbitor I think he's a loser JK ;-)
I think it was a good idea, but they should have made an optional side quest or story that you did'nt have to play if you don't want to. I find myself skipping the arbiter quests just to get to more of the Chief. It's also kind of a pain to figure out which covies I'm supposed to kill. Half the time I'm shootin' my own grunts.
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