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Anyone try fiberglss resin from elmers glue company? I was at home depot today and bought some elmers fiberglass cloth, nice thickness and only 6 dollars for 3x3 square foot sheet, it was also nicley wooven.

I cant find resin hardener either, will any type do? Or is there a kind for fiberglass resin? Also when I apply fiberglass, so I apply resin onto it then stick it against the armor peices? Because without something gooy or sticky to hold it against the armor peice it wont stick i'd think.

So really what is the process of fiberglassing? Do i Resin the inside and outside then wait for it to dry, then add fiberglass? or add fiberglass when doing the first coast of resin on the inside? Confused.
The hardener is usually just a resin Liquid Hardner. Its a catalyst thats clear-ish in a small tube.
Do NOT get the inhibitor.
I used the Elmers resin - the hardener is in a tube under the cap. Resin the outside first, wait for it to dry, then fiberglass the inside. I applied the cloth to my armor with Spray Adhesive first (so I didn't have to worry about my resin hardening on me at the same time). Read the stickies on resin/fiberglassing for proper techniques.
SO let me get this straight, hardener comes with the resin in the cap? Because I couldnt find hardener in lows, home depot, or meijers, I'm buying regular bondo resin btw.
That's right. There's a tube of Liquid Hardner under the cap. I've used Bondo and Elmers resin and that's the case for both brands.
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