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Endame bar calling on spartans in Tempe, Arizona

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Miller925, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Miller925


    The time has come and I am once again calling on all southwestern Spartans that can make it to phoenix next weekend. The bar in Tempe, AZ named Endgame has a halo tournament charity event in honor of Monty Oum next saturday March 14th. If any other Spartans can make it than the ones I know are coming it would be awesome to see everyone in gear for this event. So please come join in the fun and here is a little teaser for what's in store. Enjoy!.....any other inquiries feel free to contact me on here.

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  2. Zero 071

    Zero 071

    Phase 2 of the tournament will be on april 25th, if you want to join us, in armor or not, comment or message so we can get you the info!
  3. ODSTSatterfield


    they are having another one?

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