Ended 3 V2 Neo heating issue


Jr Member
Hey all, so my printer has had some issues, and a quick Google search can solve it, but for some reason not this. So out of nowhere my hotend just looses heat mid print. Like it’ll be a 4 hr print and fail, then a 6, then a 2. It’s just not consistent so I’ve ruled out the Gcode. Next I’ve tightened my thermometer screw on my hotend, lowered the fan speed, and even increased the temp of the print from like 210 - 230, which gave me a 10 hr print, then failed at about 4am this morning.

Im really not trying to buy a new hotend, so I’d appreciate any advice I could get!
I'm wondering if the heater is experiencing a drop in current. I'd make sure the connections for your thermistor and heater cartridge are solid on both ends.

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