"Enemy Weapon"

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Awesome, I'm loving all of these live action ads...But I can't help but get the feeling that the MC dies.

Edit: These commercials are a perfect example of the fact that if a Halo movie were done, it could be so freakin' awesome.

Note:No, I havn't read any spoilers, I don't want to read any spoilers, and I'd rather that no one reveals any to me or anyone else. There've been enough complaints as it is, so if you know something, keep it to yourself. Thanks.
I disagree on the CG theory. But then again, this is a digital video, so even thought it's good quality it can still be hard to tell. If I could see it on my tv, I'd be able to tell if it was CG or live action for sure though.

And what did I EXPLICITLY request? I asked that no one reveal a spoiler in a polite manner, did I not?
I'm sorry, but your lack of anything to make my mind see anything different from your post did not allow me to read it, as I skim over some posts
I'm discontinueing this arguement publicly as it is off the topic of this thread. If you've got anything else to say, continue over PMs.
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