EOD build... Damascus Paintjob?

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Hello everybody.
I'm currently engaged in making a Foam EOD build, and have been trying to decide what sort of color scheme I would like.
I dig the idea of white, kinda looks stormtrooper-y.
But last night I was thinking maybe, just maybe it'd look cool as an 'unpainted' metal. To which I thought more on. In the lore, the armor is made in the Damascus facility on some planet somewhere, but I got to thinking about painting the armor with a 'base' coat of Damascus designs, using 2 or 3 different shades of silver metallic paint, and doing a layerd metal look.
Think this would look cool, or not?
the process I was toying with is using oil based paint, and hydrodipping it in.
I'll do some test see how it comes out on articulated pieces of foam, and post pics of the build when I get home. Let me know your thoughts.


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Harmmm...this sounds interesting. Yeah, I think that just might work! :D

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes! I'm legitimately interested in what's to come.
I have no idea what hydrodipping is, so that's another reason for me to check out this thread.

But yeeeaaaah! keep us updated!


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The idea behind hydro dipping is filling a container with water. Pouring an oil based paint into the water, it'll float, then dip the object to be painted into the water.
With this method you get distinct lines between two paints in an organic way, that if done right could possibly replicate the look of damascus steel.
Initial tests were failures. So far I have learned not to used metalic paints... Does not react the way it should... Pics to come soon.


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try acrylic spray paint, I've seen that work. or if you're feeling rich, nail polish works too, even metallic ones. I also wonder if enamel paint would work.


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I've tried spray paints, and it's not producing the results I'm looking for. (I think this might be due to the fact I used a metalic sheem paint.) It makes a good mix paint job, but it's not layer like the look of damascus that I'm after. it's so bad I don't even want to post pictures of the failure. I going to the hobby store tonight after work to try and get some varying colors of grey in oil based paints. This hopefully will give a little more control over the process, and allow for a better layering effect that I'm looking for.


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Got some Enamel paint, and it's a little on the solid side, and not displaying the properties I expect, it is fairly cold though, so I'm heating it up to see if it liquifies a bit more...
In other news, I figured I'd post some pictures for you guys to see what I'm doing and eventually the test of the painting.

SO the paint tubes I got for this failed miserably...
So I tried some different types of spray paint I had laying around on a couple of scrap and junk pieces. This worked ok 'ish' and I imagine with lots of practice could replicate the look I'm looking for.
More research is needed...

But heres the pictures!



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