EOD helmet Pre Paint Prep help.


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I havent made/ finished anything prop/costume related in years and have been lucky enough to get my hands on a Letts Props (Solid dude BTW) Reach EOD helmet that I plan to paint up for display as my Reach Spartan. I received the kit today and have looked it over and begun removing the visor area. I noticed a couple of air bubbles I need to fill (Milliput? Auto body filler?) And in some areas a texture that, from what I can tell, is from the original helmet being 3D printed (anything I should do to those areas?) I have gone over all the detail lines with a very small file to make sure they are the same depth all over.
Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated as I'm super hyped to get going with this awesome helmet.
Thanks very much


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Thanks for the Shoutout MiniB1084 . Yes some of that is just cleanup from the original and some is from the age of the mold. Some light sanding with some sandpaper around a popsicle stick will make short work of some of that stuff. An x-acto in the flatter areas will scrape that flat. Spot putty is also a good way to deal with any casting imperfections. Primer will help level a few of those areas out.

Thanks for sharing your EOD WIP here on the forum btw!


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So far I have installed the rebreathers and filled gaps, put magnets in helmet and rubber neckwear and removed visor.
I then began priming with Plastic Filler Primer and sanded it with 200 grit and then primed with normal Plastic Primer (ran out of filler primer) and wet sanded with 340 grit. This is the state of the helmet as of now.
Thanks very much


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