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Escape Velocity is an upcoming Sci-Fi convention, which will be at the Gaylord Resort in Oxon Hill, MD. This will be our third year.
Escape velocity is presented by the Museum of Science Fiction, DC, and is a non-profit orgainzation dedicated to education, and the core concept that from our "imaginations, come reality".
We have multiple partner groups, such as NASA, and Microsoft, and we will be showcasing theirs, and many technologies, entertainment, music and more.
Our expertly programming core tracks include Pop Culture, Costuming, Video Game, Science, Literature, Film, Education, and more.

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Thank you nachtinis. I've added this to the Colonial Cons List.

Guys, if you know of a Con that isn't on any of my lists for your area, speak up. Post it or send me a PM and I'll add it to the lists.
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