Eternal's Marine helmet and Armor

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OK guys i know i haven't done anything on here in a while but i have been super busy over the summer and now things are calming down. I have recently started building a marine helmet from the base of a baseball helmet. This helmet is based off of the design of the helmets and armor from the live action halo shorts that have been so popular lately.

So far I have built up a cardboard base. the next step is to fiberglass on top and use fiberglass body filler to shape it, then bondo on top. I have considered putting in some functioning headphones or something but need to do some more searching for the right ones. This costume will possibly be used in a live action short series i plan on making but i don't want to give away too much info on that yet.


Here are the referance pics i am using to help build this, but i am making some modifications ( ventilation )

Wow! Its Eternal! Glad to see you back :D ! Hopefully you will be here to stay for now :p .

Helmet looks awesome, keep us updated, because I know you can always make Epic things happen :D .

Good luck!

That's looking great!! I do alot of Aliens/ Colonial Marine trooping, the Halo3 Marine armor just gets me going! I can't wait to see this finished!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of the armor!
I started adding some of the fiberglass bodyfiller today to give it it's shape but i will hold off on the pictures untill there is a little more and i have smoothed it out a bit. another update i ordered some motorcycle helmet headphones last night to put in the helmet.

here is a link for the helmet speakers.

Thanks for the encouragement guys!
Looks like it's gonna' turn out great. When I first saw it, I was like 'what the hell is this crap?' thinking that all you were going to do was leave the carboard on the helmet, but then I read it all. Hopefully we get to see some more soon.
Ok here is progress as of today. all i have added is fiberglass body filler to start to build up the rough shape.

I will then add bondo body filler on top of that to make the exact shape ( the reason for this is that bondo is a lot easier to sand and shape than hard tough fiberglass bondo ( bondo glass ).

here is another update. I got a lot of the bondo put on and anded down, just another coat , and some sanding and it will be ready to primer. it is looking good and the ridges are harder to see in the pictures but they are coming out good. i cut the pieces for the sides and they are primered but i don't have pics of them yet i will get those in the next batch.

I am soooooo jazzed at this!!! I do alot of Aliens/ Colonial Marine trooping,the new Halo3 Marines look like updated versions of our gear... I can't wait to see the rest of your project!!
well guys i worked on the helmet alittle more since last post but it still is not in the primer phase yet, mostly because i left the primer in my fiance's car. :cautious: any way, as for the rest of the armor i have not got to that yet, since there are no great stills from the live action films i will have to watch it a couple more times and sketch up my best attempt at eye balling the proportions and details, in the mean time i have also started building up a cryo sleep pod, not the design from the game but one of my own , so i am doing two projects at once. I am itching to tell you all about my mini series i am planning, but i will stand strong and hold back the details until i have the first " episode " shot.
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