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European Rubber Patch

Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by m073, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. m073



    who is interested to get our 405th European Logo as a rubber patch in around 5cm size?


    I found a company that would print it for us, shipping to whole europe i can do for you and is around 1-3€ depending on where you live, if you need insurance add another 3€.
    I can bring it of course also to the cons whe attend together or give it to a friend of you there.

    The price is depending on the amount we order.

    To make the form for the patch it costs 96€ and patches:

    20 - 49 pcs - 9,95€ ea
    50 to 99 pcs - 7,95€ ea
    100 to 199 pcs - 6,45€ ea

    So complete with form making and excl. shipping to you it is:

    20 pcs - 14,95€ ea
    50 pcs - 9,95€ ea
    100 pcs - 7,45€ ea

    They are hand made and perfect in shape, if you want to see some work of the seller visit his fb site: https://www.facebook.com/patch.onkel

    Who is interested for what price? Just to see how many we should order for the first order.

    Just add your nick, name, country, amount, and from what price up you are interested to the list:

    1. m-073 - Melanie Richter, Germany, 3pcs - 14,95€
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  2. Mesh


    I'd pay a Fiver for one, I'm from the UK. c:
    £5= 6.50 Euro
  3. Bonepunk


    Bonepunk - Matthias Münchhoff, Germany, 2pcs - 9,95€ or 1pcs - 14,95€
  4. Chernobyl


    If there are any fabric patches I'd be far more interested.
  5. Mesh


    Fabric would be nice too
  6. m073


    Mesh: The three different prices are written above. I will organise everything for free but won´t pay for others patches on my own.

    Please use the list above that we can see how many interests we have in the end thx!

    If someone else want to organise fabric ones please speak to the regiment leader first and then make a different thread with that thank you!

    If you have questions about those patches just feel free to ask.

    If we can´t reach 20 there won´t be any.
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  7. Mesh


    Oh, I apologize, I didn't understand the original post. Sorry!
  8. m073



    no problem, my english isn´t the best :)

    Best would be we reach 50pcs so that everyone has around 10€ for a patch, but until now we are only 3 people who wants some :D
  9. Mesh


    I would be interested, I just don't have much money right now, trying to get a job xP
    I do hope this hits 20 though, I would like one
  10. m073



    ok we don´t have enough interested people to do some patches. If we get together more in future we can make them still.

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