EVA Foam question.

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Hi I am new to costume making and have been messing around with it for about a week mostly with cutting and stuff and I am trying to follow a tutorial series on youtube that can help me get started, it tells you to heat the EVA foam to the point where is moldable however I don't know what point this might be. I dont know what temperature my heat gun should be set to nor do I know how long I should be heating a spot then move on to the next.

If anyone could just answer this simple question that would be great... I dont want to burn something with my heat gun but I would like to be able to make a costume. my heat gun goes between the temperatures of 150-1200 f


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There isn't really a set temperature, just when the foam becomes easily bendable. You (generally) don't want to point your heat gun right at one spot without moving it, always keep it waving back and forth on the piece of foam you will be bending. I haven't ever come close to melting or burning the foam. Practice on a couple pieces to see what works!


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I haven't ever come close to melting or burning the foam. Practice on a couple pieces to see what works!
I have actually in a brief lapse of vigilance burned my foam. I held the heat gun too close. I burned the foam just enough to set off the smoke alarm in the basement. My wife was not happy.

So yeah, best advice is to keep the heat gun moving until the foam is warm and soft enough to manipulate. Sometimes you may need to hold it place till it cools so I can keep the desired shape.


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I got a cheap heat gun from harbor freight it was like 20 bucks. I found it is just like a hair dryer. Just keep it moving. If you see smoke its to much. Just heat it up a bit than start bending it into the shape you want and repeat until it stays in that shape. Masking tape or painters tape will also help to keep its shape after your done heating so it will cool in that shape. I don't use rubber bands or anything thin like that since it will leave marks or grooves in the foam. Also anything stronger than masking or painters tape can rip up foam when being removed. Heat guns also help close up pores in the foam and seal it. You will notice it start to get shiny or glossy as you heat it up. This is not a bad thing when forming it to your shape unless you do way way to much than it can be difficult to finish shaping. So just heat bend heat bend and keep your heat gun moving like a hair dryer.
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