EVA ODST Armor (Completed)


So I'm super new to this forum and it's like four in the morning here in Chicago but I'm so excited to get involved in this forum that I can't wait any longer.

About a year ago, after spending a weekend at Anime Midwest, I was feeling particularly inspired and started on an ODST BDU. Unfortunately, all my tools and costuming stuff live in Normal, IL which is 130 miles south of my dorm here in Chicago. This means that I work on it sporadically, but I hope to have it finished in some capacity for Anime Midwest this year.

Now, on to the actual build. My suit is mainly modeled from the ODST BDUs in Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. I have used resources from a variety of sources including the pep files designed by Hugh (AxiomUltra) on the RPF, and the templates created by Andrew DFT for his original EVA ODST (these can be found on his facebook page) and his Reach ODST. Lastly, for parts that I wanted to fit really well (such as the vest, thigh plates and gauntlets) I created patterns using aluminum foil and duck tape casts. This process, by the way, can be found on the Evil Ted Channel here:
, as well as in many other places on Youtube and the web.

Unfortunately my documentation habits are pretty bad, so I only have a handful of pictures to share. As soon as
I have the chance I'll grab some more up to date photos that will show each piece in more detail.


This was the first progress picture that I took. At this point you can see my helmet (created with Andrew DFT's patterns and instructional videos), vest, chestplate, and behind it some unfinished shin armor. The chestplate was probably the most haphazardly designed part of the project. I measured the dimensions of my torso and used those to create a pattern. However, after transferring this to foam, they required a great deal of trimming and heat gunning before I was happy with its fit. The chestplate was created using the aforementioned Pepakura files created by Hugh. The shins, like the helmet were based on Andrew DFTs patterns.


Here's a better picture of the hemlet. It's not the most canon helmet on the planet but it was pretty quick to build and I'm happy with it until I can cough up the dough to get a resin cast one like Sean Bradley's.


Heres a slightly more recent photo, this time with mostly completed shins, shoulder straps on the vest and an EVA M6C which I have since decided to do differently.


Lastly I'll leave you with a goofy picture I took to show a friend. The chestplate featured here is a tad small and I ended up making a new one scaled up about 10%

Since the time these pictures were taken I have made the thigh armor plates as well as the cumberbund. I'd love to hear what you guys think and I'll get some more pictures up here as soon as I can. I'm open to all critiques and criticisms :D


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Your suit and magnum are looking good. As for critiques/criticisms, as AndtrewDFT says make sure your knife blade is always sharp. There are a few rough areas on you weapon. Going over those areas with some sand paper or rotary tools will fix that really quick. One other thing I noticed is the glue in the seams. I am not sure if you were using it to fill in any gaps or it was just extra stuff being squeezed out when putting things together but, it makes things look a little messy. It may stand out a lot when it comes to painting. You may be able to use it to help with the weathering effect.


PaiganBoi thanks! I guess I forgot to mention that the magnum pictured here is not the one that I'll be using. Like a week after I started this one Andrew DFT came out with a video on his and I think it looks way closer than my does to the game model so I'm goana give that a go. The seams are an issue tthat I've been having and it mostly has to do with edges not being beveled at the correct angle and thus not coming together correctly. If memory serves, the rescaled chestpiece is a little cleaner but still could use some work. For the most part, it's negative area, so I'm thinkin I'll try to correct it with a filler before plasti dipping it.


That looks really good (y) The last weapon build that I did was a D.Va blaster for a friend and I went pretty crazy with the Dremel on that one but I haven't tried any builds that have that have as much beveling as Andrew DFT does and I'm really excited to try it.


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That looks really good (y) The last weapon build that I did was a D.Va blaster for a friend and I went pretty crazy with the Dremel on that one but I haven't tried any builds that have that have as much beveling as Andrew DFT does and I'm really excited to try it.

If you're not into beveling on such a fine scale, a ways back I did a build that was focussed on layering up sections using 2mm craft foam. Some easy cutting with a craft blade and a light touch with a rotary tool to shape the grip to your liking.


TurboCharizard I built a couple of dominators from Psychopass for Anime Zap in Peoria, IL last year that way. I'd like to learn Andrew's way, it'll just take some getting used to. In the end I'll probably end up using my Dremel a little anyway, I just can't stay away from it. I like the stuff you used for detail on yours, I fancy I'll go digging through some of my plastic junk to find some cool bits for mine.


Alright, I finally have some time to update this thread. I spent about four days at home over spring break and I was able to get some work done on my ODST armor. I mainly worked on the shoulders and the knees, but I was able to get some other small things done.


Here's one of the shoulder pads. I've been working with the Dremel a lot to try and make my seams meet up really well, and I'm getting there but I've still got a ways to go. Since I am kind of pressed for time I'm not going to worry too much about trying to perfectly fill the seams or anything and instead focus more on the paint job. I haven't worked out how I'm going to attach the shoulder armor to my undersuit. My current thinking is that I'll rig a strap up to the vest and then hold it to my bicep with velcro.


Here's another angle.


I also made both knees. Each are rigged to the shin with two pieces of nylon webbing and copious amounts of hot glue :D


Here's a better shot of the knee joint.


Next up I got velcro attached to the vest.



Because of the thickness of the velcro there is a bit of a space between the side straps and the vest. To counteract this I'm going to inset the loop side of the velcro (the side that's shown on the vest) a little bit.


Here's a dry fit I did of everything at the end of the weekend. I definitely need to do some work on the ab plate to make it the right shape. The ends look pretty funky. Next up is going to be the belt rig and the boots!


Aaaaaaalrighty folks, it's high time I tie off this thread. I actually finished the armor in 2017, but given all this Covid-19 free time I've been working on a new set with more attention to detail and greater game accuracy. I'll leave you with some photos. I'll post a link to the new thread once it's up.