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This may have already been posted. If so, I'm sorry (I did look through the forums but couldn't find this thread exactly).
So, I've gotten pretty decent at armor, but some of my weapons (non-Halo) need to be bulky, so I must make a right and left. Once everything is finished, the details look good from each side but the top and bottom have a nasty seam line running through them. Does anyone have a way to get rid of them. I've tried a strip of foamy but it looks stupid.
Thanks in advance and if this HAS been posted, would someone please put the thread link in their comment


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Check this vid out. See if this helps any. Even though its for armour the same principles can still apply to weapons.


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Thanks!! I saw this on the armor pages, but didn't click it because it says ARMOR in the title. That method should work on weapons too. I found another method from Andrew DFT also, I'll try both.


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You really have to think out and plan your build in its infancy stages to make sure you don't have any exposed seams on your weapons. If you just layer up foam horizontally, you will have lots of exposed seams. If you look at weapons, they have details on the tops and bottoms as well, as they are not 2d objects. There are a large number of sections on both my magnum and my saw where there is a layer or two of foam detail on the top and bottom of the weapon. Take a read through here and take a look at the pictures.. You'll get the idea!

FlyinPhil's fantastic thread of foamy weapon goodness- SAW is finished!!!
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