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Everyone’s favorite time traveling renegade mutant. Cable: WIP

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Viper 466, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    OKAY! So for a while now I’ve been pretty non Halo in my cosplay work so I’m gonna post up over here. I’m gonna bring younall up to speed with some foamwork. Ready!? Lets go!

    So a few months ago I got an armor dummy. Officially dubbed “Other Mike” using this I was able to make templates for the chest armor on Cable.


    I’m doing the more recent rendition of my boi and his armor with some serious 90’s flare thrown in just for funzies. This pretty much a free style build with some serious “Based on a True Story” feel behind it.

    5D3BE879-65EA-46F4-986D-E002CD9EE22F.jpeg 1A1BE7D0-7E18-40F9-804E-F211D4F0033A.jpeg


    0451687D-E786-4C45-9571-5DA8543EACBC.jpeg 077C9622-7976-4DCD-A600-74E3B01119EC.jpeg FA8F5239-693F-43E2-8F07-19D79341A27D.jpeg
  2. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Lookin' sweet! Did you carve all those little hexagons by hand? o_O
  3. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    I did indeed. Gotta push those skills to yon limit.
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  4. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Alright. So. Where were we? Oh yeah. More building. This quick update about all the armor bits before I start talking about cables arm.

    So the era of the 90’s in comics is marked by no feet, big guns, big shoulder pads, and a lot of pouches. Cable was all lf those things and more, which is why the cable I’m making though based on X Sanctions cable will have a lot of that 90’s flare. First the shoulder pad.

    Not firmly attached yet.




    Huger is the word for it. I love it. I used painters tape to secure it down just as a test fit and it just fits beautifully.

    Next I started on some duct tape templates for the big guys left arm. The images you see of me full body are taken in a mirror. Just a heads up.

    I’m using black Worbla (Dark Art???) for this thing and going winter soldier inspired because I like the segments on that a touch more than the lines in skin deal.

    Plus it lets me fudge this I won’t be making a urethane rubber sleeve like I want to. That’s wayyy too much money for me. Hence the work arounds. Saran wrap and duct tape on my arm, time to start building.


    Next post, the start of the gun show.

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