Everyone’s favorite time traveling renegade mutant. Cable: WIP

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OKAY! So for a while now I’ve been pretty non Halo in my cosplay work so I’m gonna post up over here. I’m gonna bring younall up to speed with some foamwork. Ready!? Lets go!

So a few months ago I got an armor dummy. Officially dubbed “Other Mike” using this I was able to make templates for the chest armor on Cable.


I’m doing the more recent rendition of my boi and his armor with some serious 90’s flare thrown in just for funzies. This pretty much a free style build with some serious “Based on a True Story” feel behind it.

5D3BE879-65EA-46F4-986D-E002CD9EE22F.jpeg 1A1BE7D0-7E18-40F9-804E-F211D4F0033A.jpeg


0451687D-E786-4C45-9571-5DA8543EACBC.jpeg 077C9622-7976-4DCD-A600-74E3B01119EC.jpeg FA8F5239-693F-43E2-8F07-19D79341A27D.jpeg
Alright. So. Where were we? Oh yeah. More building. This quick update about all the armor bits before I start talking about cables arm.

So the era of the 90’s in comics is marked by no feet, big guns, big shoulder pads, and a lot of pouches. Cable was all lf those things and more, which is why the cable I’m making though based on X Sanctions cable will have a lot of that 90’s flare. First the shoulder pad.

Not firmly attached yet.




Huger is the word for it. I love it. I used painters tape to secure it down just as a test fit and it just fits beautifully.

Next I started on some duct tape templates for the big guys left arm. The images you see of me full body are taken in a mirror. Just a heads up.

I’m using black Worbla (Dark Art???) for this thing and going winter soldier inspired because I like the segments on that a touch more than the lines in skin deal.

Plus it lets me fudge this I won’t be making a urethane rubber sleeve like I want to. That’s wayyy too much money for me. Hence the work arounds. Saran wrap and duct tape on my arm, time to start building.


Next post, the start of the gun show.
So for Cables arm I went a different route than the comic for a couple reasons. A) I’m not made of the kind of money a lifecast and urethane rubber casting costs. B) I didn’t want to make a movie cable arm. Yes. I know about insert tutorial here. Please don’t link me to any. Seriously.

My arm is a little more winter soldier inspired than not, pre Deadpool making the joke. It all started like this.


So wrapping the bulk of my arm in duct tape I made the major areas I wanted to focus on. Bicep, shoulder, and forearm. I wanted it strong and something I can paint like metal so I chose to try a new material. I ended up in Worbla for cost vs Strength. After making a craft foam core I coated it in the thermal plastic and started the fun work of smootbing it out and sculpting it to look a little more muscular.

4FBA9F94-17A9-424D-A4A7-84BFB986425E.jpeg 6DEE4BE8-8DAF-44CB-8409-324FCD792D48.jpeg 4E462134-17D6-4A7B-AC50-F3DB29801EEC.jpeg B510914E-EA92-4AD2-8744-46B67ACC5FF5.jpeg

Once that was done and I smoothed it out I coated it in painters tape. Next step was drafting the templates and then using a pen knife I cut them apart.

2A351127-8A7C-4F3C-9AE6-7E0AD7C1C560.jpeg41D2A19A-477E-4025-9C6D-960E8DE4D8E6.jpeg 7FD12EB0-F536-4E13-9ECE-09857441F656.jpeg 701767B3-03F7-4092-BF3B-3B9D49A84533.jpeg6FBAE386-AD25-4863-AF92-26F021482127.jpeg

After that I cut the bits out of worbla and then mounted them using more heat. They stick down to eachother nicely so here they are on the arm base.

C0C30F2C-2132-4DD0-BF99-4BA1D742B707.jpeg 60A85F5E-BABE-44D6-94AF-4EBA59988DAA.jpeg

Just flex on em.

Aaaaand rinse, repeat. Ugh. So much cutting.

915B87F2-A915-4E03-AB5B-C5A73EEAB566.jpegDEB1EC9A-9260-4CEA-96DD-4CA6DE611455.jpeg 0EB379F6-FEFD-4829-A50C-96EF77288C20.jpeg 0CFF9D5F-C1B1-40F8-81E4-0B2FEE981021.jpeg 505013EB-54F3-4F11-A25C-7E4D01F1B06D.jpeg

From there I’m going to make a sleeve to gun under this stuff and make a glove for my robot hand. Good ol robo arm.

Next up, BIG GUNS.
Alright I’m trying to forge ahead on this costume but I promised some big guns. Or at least gun. So here we go.

Starting with pink foam( Another new material. So weird.) I made the core for this making sure to also slot in a pvc skeleton. I then sealed the pink foam with some modge podge and began layering EVA overtop to create the detail layers. This was a lengthy process. So image gallery montage!!! There’s not much to really say about it beyond that until I get to my awesome dumb idea.
74C3FC00-463F-402E-AE1F-8895B502330E.jpeg 39FBC267-980E-432F-94D5-66BEC470AFC9.jpeg

It’s big...


A94F31B8-EAAB-4FEB-9E0E-A3A61E273AD9.jpeg 11584D0D-C877-45C4-9E00-FD4AFB60E478.jpeg 61ED62FE-0D30-4B23-AFD3-9E717FCBC69B.jpeg

I’m not compensating. YOU ARE!!!!

Details and finishing stuffs.

CA733303-6652-4825-85F0-1706A683D199.jpeg 30A1114D-C806-4437-B2E6-C6F83DCED9F1.jpeg 31F557C7-CE59-488F-AE3E-93728CE250F7.jpeg 3591151E-6E2B-41F3-A4D3-EBC2F1CFA04E.jpeg 06AC56C9-8E01-49AC-B24D-BE18C89EF28F.jpeg DC953D2B-8540-487C-8796-8767302DB5F5.jpeg

Size comparrison vs BR.

View attachment 257712

So from there I began to make a bandolier of rifle grenades... I’ll post later to show you why this was a fantastic and yet so dumb an idea....



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