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I played this game on the comp and loved it, now its on the 360 so I can play it there too. Its a really good game, very freaky/spooky, but its also a good first person shooter, I recommend it.
Its not like the resident evil series, its just a first person with some creepy additions, for instance there is this like devil girl that will pop up, I was getting ready to climb down some ladders, my guy turned to moved down the ladders but as soon as he turned around the girl was there in front of him laughing, I freaked out and fell off of the ladder.
*shudder* This...... game........ scares..... me......... :cry:

I played it all in one sitting, and now every time a see a ladder I want to run the other way.

Wading hip deep in blood, being blown up, beat up, shot up all fine, but take the girl from the ring out please!
I've played it on PC, and the Demo on XBL. For some reason this game just never did it for me. I was a huge fan of the Resident Evil games on playstation and then again on gamecube, and had high hopes for this.

Ah well...
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