Props Fable 3 Black Dragon Pistol WIP

I really loved playing through Fable 3, and I knew instantly that I wanted to build a prop from the game. So I've begun scratch building the Black Dragon pistol. Right now its a card board base, and I'll begin to create the flint lock mechanism tomorrow. If you guys have any ideas for me, then I'm all ears for a really simple flint lock system. Keep in mind though that the build will be only out of cardboard and bondo and such. No plastics or metal, so it can't be to complicated.


What I'm aiming for

Also, I haven't decided on the blue glow or the red glow accent color. I'll probably go with whatever paint I have right now, since I won't be able to go to the mall since the dramatic rise in gas prices. It went up 50 cents here. Thanks guys
I expected updates for this on the weekend, but there were very huge complications. My car's starter died and I was stuck in a stop and shop parking lot for 2 hours, and I had to walk an hour into a community to get to my friends house to ask for a ride home because no one would answer their phones. So that killed my mood for the rest of the day. Saturday I was not feeling well and Sunday it was pouring all day, so bondo work was out of the question, which is all I really need to do. So I'll try to do some work in the next few days, but right now I'm in school logging in through my account to update this thread... probably not the smartest thing but whatever : )