Soft Parts Fabric Paint For Lycra/spandex


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I'm having a little troble with something and need a bit of help figuring it out. I am doing a Black Lantern costume which I'll have it done in time for D*C this year to be with the rest of my other group the League Of Lanterns, the problem I am currenly experiencing is the best way I can think to do the black and white bodysuit is to use fabric paint but I am unsure what kind of paint would be best for lycra/spandex. For a idea of what I am doing this is Tempest from the Black Lanterns as a refrence image.If anyone has any other ideas I am open to listening.

Hey Nintendude,

Joann's has the biggest selection of fabric paint meant for stretchable material, but any craft store will have a variety of paints for fabric.


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i dont think you'll find anything stretchy enough if your going to be wearing a full lycra/spandex suit.

as said above, the easiest/cheapest and most ideal solution would be to sew another layer of lycra/spandex ontop of the existing for a contrast color.
I know of this spray paint that is used to paint material furniture. It works great and doesn't come off onto clothes or skin and doesn't fade unless left in the sun. I suppose you could use it on clothes. It doesn't stick the fibers together either.

Kaya Tetsu

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Sewing is your best bet, I think, and as one of the of the Cortanas has mentioned, the secret to shewing stretchy fabric, is stretchy thread. Look at a few of the cortana builds for ideas.