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Since Etsy isn´t worth it anymore and because of the high amount of taxes and fees, i uploaded all my stl files on Cults3d and also decided to give the pepakura files for free here.
Hope some of you could use them ;-)

Far Harbor Combat Helmet: CAHelmetFH.rar
Far Harbor Diver Helmet: Diver Helmet.rar
Far Harbor Tektus Kit (EVA): Tektus.rar

Automatron Mechanist Helmet: Mechanist.rar
Automatron Mechanist Armor (EVA): MechanistFoamArmor.rar
Automatron Inquisitor Helmet: Inquisitor Mask.rar

Combat Armor Helmet: CombarArmorHelmet.rar
Combat Armor (EVA):
Light: CombatArmorLight.rar
Medium: CombatArmorMedium.rar
Heavy: Combat Armor Heavy.rar

Synth Helmet:
Medium: Synth Medium Helm.rar
Heavy: Synth Heavy Helm.rar

Synth Armor (EVA):
Light: Synth Armor Lite.rar
Medium: Medium Synth Armor.rar

Flight Helmet: flighthelmet.rar
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