Fallout 4 t-60 helmet

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This is my first real post on my second project.
I built 30% of a Halo MC helmet before but now its sitting in the corner of my basement
hope this one doesn't end up the same

here's what I have so far (phone camera so image quality is probably not amazing):


appreciate any comments or advice, next post will be when I'm done pepping :)
pepakura file:
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I agree that is a great start! You might have an easier time if you pep all the pieces in a section. Trying to get the pieces glued into the gaps can be a challenge because it is hard to get a grip on them. If you do all the pieces chances are the one you're on is at the edge. I like to work symmetrically. I start in the middle of front and work my way up or down and out left and right. Not much help to you now... Oh, do pep the eyes. It will help keep the correct shape during hardening.


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G'Day I know I'm a bit late to the party but does anyone know where I can get the files for this t60 helmet? I followed the link but when I click on the website's link to download the files it takes me to a VK website and a message pops up that says the file is only accessible by the owner or something. A message back would be awesome!


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StormyTroopy689 this thread is a year old. If it has been more than 3-6 months since the last reply, we consider it necro- posting, and that is friend upon around here as it pushes active threads down.

Try directly sending the author a message about the files, that may help.
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