Fallout Glitches

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I was playing fallout 3 today, and i went to springvale(first city to vault 101) and i see 2 freindlies coming up on my compass. Here it's an enclave eyebot, and a lone enclave soldier in tesla armor. He was carrying a missile launcher, but calmly at his sides, the way people do if they have no weapon drawn. I talked to him and he says "Hello" and "Hey there". The only response i can give him is "goodbye". I followed him around a while, and he blew $#!T up. Never shot at me. The funny thing is that i was wearing tesla too. My master disguise must have worked...

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In the new DLC, you can put an unlimited # of helms on the Stealth Suit to max out your DR and skills. There's also a way to keep the American Winterized Combat Armor.

But the Enclave deal is pretty cool, what was your Karma when it happened?

Edit: Did it say Enclave soldier? Sometimes the Outcasts will pick up armor and use it.


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My Karma was Evil. it said enclave soldier. And i knew this because outcasts dont go into dialouge boxes, they just call you "Local" and insult your intelligence.

Also, how do you keep teh winter combat armor? That was the only thing that disapointed me with Op. Anchorage.

100th post BTW.


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glitch ive come across:

found paladin hoss and a few bhos guys in the train station, and they give out an unmarked quest to save an iniate,
so, we get there, fight, finish the mission.......and paladin hoss follows me around...i wandered about for a good 10-15 minutes with the dude following me, occasionally he'd aggro something, go set it on fire,
i eventaully said f#ck it, and insta travelled to rivet city......and hoss apperntly came to o_O
then he just takes off running,
it wasnt until later when i checked that i realize he had stolen some items from me (lincolns gun for one thing),
im SURE he stole it as well, becuase i tracked him down, and pickpocketed him to get it back

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one time on the mission to go to the lab to the robots i think , there were thoses bears around * forgot the name too*

sniping them and all of a sudden they got stuck halfway into the cliff's , easy kill and somehow* the outcast now hate me*
came running from that same rock and started to Gatling gun me.

legging it as far as i can, i seemed to got to the mountains , the distance of it wasn't loaded yet , and fell down for like a minute, see everything under the map but couldn't move .
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