Fan Made H3 spartan 3 model Hi-Res on Found!!!

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Darth Malevelus

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heres a link on how it was done (big file)

Check these out!





Short of a rapid prototyper, and some high density foam, this would take months, and probably a few dremels to make by hand. :eek

Plus I think I see the poly count,.... 1, 165,881 polygons,... jeeze, that I think would effectively crash pepakura. lol

Im continually scouring every web page I can for a decent H3 model we can do the pepakura thing to. I havent been able to get into any bungie website. But I know its out there, its just a matter of finding it.
I've seen these before, and although they look great, I think they take an awful amount of artistic liscense with the mjolnir armor. It looks lightyears away from the game armor.... Like Mark IX or something.

It's very interesting, don't get me wrong, I totally love the idea of doing custom re-designs of mjolnir stuff. I think when more people get to this it's going to really expand the Halo universe, and I totally welcome that.
if someone can find me a good model of a h3/2 helm i can send that model over to china and have it made and painted for cheap
:shock: Wow, that is a whole lot of polys

I'd still attempt the helmet...if only he'd made one :evil:

I wonder about doing a papercraft though, there is an option in pepakura to merge similar faces....

and I could use the helmet from the concept armor, hehe
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